I just edged do i relaspe or just reset my timer

I have IMing but not touching my dick in my pants while working i felt the climax coming when walking what should i do?

Its like an alcoholic swishing whiskey in his mouth but not swallowing. Its like a smoker having a cigarette in his mouth and not inhaling


Here it is:

RULE #1: Total self-sexual abstinence. No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no edging, no thinking about edging, no talking about thinking about talking about thinking about edging. Pretend edging isn’t even a thing.RULE #2: Eliminate or significantly reduce exposure to artificial sexual stimulation. Only exception: if you’re watching a movie or TV show with someone else.RULE #3: Limit Social Media (including Reddit) and Internet time to one hour daily.Rule #4: Limit junk foods, particularly sugar and wheat. Eating fat from good source is okay.Rule #5: Meditate 10 minutes daily.Rule #6: Take a cold shower daily.Rule #7: Get a good night’s sleep as often as possible.

Rule #8: Do resistance-based exercise 2-4 times per week.

Why Rules #1 and #2 work

Why Rules #3 and #4 work

Why Rules #5 and #6 work

Why Rules #7 and #8 work

As you can see, every point has a link pointing to a page that explains why each of these points might be relevant to your NoFap journey. There’s a reason I tell you to work out, and it’s not just to “hit the gym, bro.”

That’s it. That’s the formula. Do this for a few weeks and enjoy your superpowers, enjoy the attention from the opposite sex, and enjoy the sore cheeks from smiling all the damn time.