I haven't searched or

I haven’t looked or searched any porn in 2 weeks now I feel better but now I’m tempted to go on there and look(I still haven’t I’m gonna have a nice hot bath and new game for abit) only it’ll take my mind off it.

I check back soon
A few mins ago after I posted this I nearly slipped by not looking at porn by nearly touching in that way lucky enough I jumped up and went straight to the bathroom and got in the nice hot bath l.

I hope my will power gets stronger and stronger

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Dude, hot bath doesn’t help

Take a cold bath.


Bro, take this as challenge. Just remember one thing everyday when you are conquering an urge you are becoming more stronger. Everyday I feel that. You’ll become more confident. We can have nothing worthwhile without suffering. Pain brings out the best within you. So don’t fight back the urge. When urge comes stay there still. Watch the urge coming. Don’t overthink. Do nothing. Listen to good songs if you want. At the end when it goes away, you would have become more stronger and confident.

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Brother mostly the urges are foming from social media then website ads.Aware of that.If you have an active social media then quit it atleast for nofap jouney and you will be good.Have a great day

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Hey man, yeah on this journey there will be alot of temptation and it is awesome that you evaded this in your way. It doesn’t matter if it was a hot or cold bath/shower anything you use to get your mind of is good.

I don’t know if I should say this and I do apologise if it comes across as offencive, but some stuff works for some guys and others don’t. I have started realising it late in my journey. There is so much a guy can do , but you can’t force him to adopt your ways.

I have gone with the first part of my journey almost completely just as I was. Didn’t do cold showers, didn’t do alot of extra hobbies or force myself to do too much. But as I matured in the journey I tried starting exercise and did try other stuff (like playing an instrument) , but I started it and then I stopped it completely.

But as I started it on my own unforced and not truely entirely up to myself without having to report or to tell anyone and that I also choose to tell or not is much more valuable and it started to become easier to follow.

In saying so aren’t we trying to build a fapstronaut with a set of rules to make your life perfect and everyone has to be like that? This is how I feel we are trying to do and this is why people start to doubt and breakdown the community as guys don’t have choices and don’t know what to do as they feel obligated to follow strict set of rules and forget all about Nofap entirely.

I say this journey for some guys sound like a do over in life, but they know it is kinda to late as they know their past is kinda rough and filled with alot of incompleted tasks or failures.

Yes, nofap is a restart in life, but it shouldn’t be a torture session and you get filled with doubt.
Nofap is to start your life over without crappy habits that keeps holding you back and realising the uselessness of it and to be happier with your body and to gain respect for girls and totally change your perspective on sex and also to focus on your sexual health as many guys confess on having ED or PIED.

I am gonna finish with this. I have said this and started saying this a bit more often. This is YOUR journey and YOU need to do what YOU need to do and want to do and with YOUR set of rules. You have to do this journey for yourself and no one else can and can do it better than you as you know yourself the best!

So yeah I got that off my chest and I am sorry if I offend anyone in any way.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Lately I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all, the good & noble motivation and ideas that people speak of and utilise, but your upfront, honest approach is a breath of fresh air and I love it!

Now is a gift, because it is The Present

Keep checking in to reality :+1:


I have cold showers I just wanted to relax in the bath not scream because its ice cold lool