I have social anxiety and excessive sweating

I have social anxiety and excessive sweating Can someone tell me why this happens

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Bro this also happens with me, i sweat a lot whenever i meet guests, talk to them,& while playing cricket too like misfield, bad performance while batting. Not only this whenever my teacher called me on black board , to write the answer even i know the answers or to read the story and also while my school assembly during prayers i started to sweat even in winters but as i sit on my seat back, everything started to get normal, i don’t sweat at all while sitting. (and due to covid i haven’t attend my school yet since last year) . I am a good student but, i don’t know why this happens, this all is going on since my childhood till now . I am in class 10 now 14 years. Please also help me.

I am 34 years old and since my adolescence my hands perspire in situations of anxiety … or simply because. I’m at 253 days right now and the perspiration is GREATLY reduced. In fact, I never imagined being able to hold a woman’s hands without sweating my hands (yes, completely dry) and currently I can do it calmly and enjoy it! I do perspire a bit when I feel somewhat nervous or observed by several people.

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