I have PIED, any advice on how to get rid of it as soon as possible

I am 19 years old and I have PIED, I am a virgin. I watched porn and jerked off for 3 years and then I realized that I was not worth it. I tried to abstain but there were many relapses. Now I have the longest series without RMO 186 days. There is no improvement in erection. Give advice on how to quickly restore a healthy erection. There are no girls because I’m afraid that when it comes to sex, I won’t get up.

First decide what you want, once you make up your mind stick to it. Until this isn’t then, you will keep hanging in between!

Why do you think you have PIED?

due to excessive viewing of porn and masturbation to it

Sure but how can you know that your dick won’t work when it needs to?

because every time when a beautiful girl with a beautiful booty passes by, I don’t get up, there are many aspects and situations in which I don’t have it, but before porn was

That is a perfectly normal thing dude. You don’t need to have a full on boner every time you get a sight of a female.

Erectile Dysfunction happens when you can’t have an erection or keep an erection throughout sex. If you haven’t even have kissed a girl or felt a touch of a woman that way, how can you tell you have erectile Dysfunction. Bro don’t create problems for yourself for which you stress about. As of now don’t worry about it and focus on yourself. Your physical health, mental health and your passions. If and when you get a girlfriend and when you make out and stuff and you still don’t get a reaction, then worry about it


ok, I hope you’re right, but my dick doesn’t get up even on porn

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Isn’t not having porn a good thing? That’s the whole point of nofap

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It’s good, I gave up porn, but when I first started abstaining, I even got up for porn, I watched porn for hours every day

As you get older you do not get an erection at everything like a young teenager, you gain more control of not getting erections every time you see something… You do not have Erectile Disfunction. Don’t stress about it, you are making something out of nothing.

Avoid watching porn that is part of nofap, no porn and no masturbation, they go together.

It also has to do with your confidence since your freaking out about not being able to go up, it will not help with getting up.

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well, I already have a streak without RMO for 187 days and I do not stop there

I will only tell you that faping again not help you at all.

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