I have one question for everyone

Guys, as my age is increasing i’m getting more and more nerves visible under the surface of my penis…and each nerves is getting swelled upto some extent… Is it normal?

In my opinion, it isn’t normal.

Maybe too much fapping?


No bro i’m on nofap for past 14 days…but still it’s happening.

You have fapper so much in your past, contact doctor if it’s not fading.

It is serious problem.

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I think this question should be directed to doctors, not us… I hope everything is okay, but ask doctor just to be sure…


visibility of veins on penis is natural… but they do get enlarged if someone is using his tool alot for un-natural activity like masturbation.

1stly u have to stop masturbation addiction if u have…
2ndly u want to do some exercises… and then see the results…


What exercises …

Bro, pretty common sense man if it doesn’t looks good go to a professional. Nobody here can guarantee if it is normal or not. It is advised to get checked with a doctor.

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Well brother something that I’ve observed on my body and that of others that due to fapping for years…

Our veins become visible mostly of the wrist and the backside of the palm. And ofcourse of the pennis.
As we loose fat from the body due to fapping.

But it’s recovery is difficult and much time taking.
Keep practicing no fap. It will help the veins go away.