I have been wondering for awhile now

I need a clear explaination on what edging is like why is it called edging and what to avoid soo you don’t and up edging. Of there is one of those “scenes” during a movie and you watch it what is that considered?

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Edging is when you watch porn but try not to orgasim, this is how we maintain a high for hours. It’s very dangerous and messes with your brain. Do you mean a sex scene in a Hollywood movie? I guess that is just a potential trigger but if you intentionally sought it out it than your on thin ice becareful.


Yup t he said, you can say to yourself it isn’t porn but most of the time when you see a sex scene you keep watching intentionally because it gives you that same high. Or you will search up something provocative in hopes of seeing anything nude… It’s sad really. But that is edging, no you don’t have to reset but it takes away progress for sure. Do that for 30 minutes see how much of a buzz your brain gets from the high and see how much less aware and centered you feel. I’d just stay away from it if i were you.


Thank you both for your answers in fact i do the opposite and avoid all sexual images that might tirgger me i have been very strict and wish to stay like i just wanted a different thought on what edging is soo thank you warrriors.

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No i don’t watch porn

Awesome bro just keep up the dedication and you’ll see amazing changes. :+1:

Dear Brother
Defination of Edging is
:skull_and_crossbones:The process in which a Man or Women indulges himself in sexual objectives for pleasuring himself/herself without achieving Orgasm.
Edge is basicaly the boundary/border of any surface. In Nofap the boundary is just about to Ejaculate/Orgasm but he/she does not orgasm. Its called keeping oneself on edge.
:small_orange_diamond:Examples : -
• masturbating but not achieving orgasm.
• Doing sex but not achieving orgasm.
• Watching ■■■■ or Erotica { Basicaly anything ■■■■ on TV; smartphone, any gadget,movies;nude magazines, ■■■■ pictures in newspapers etc. } but not masturbating.
• Reading Erotica { Erotica is anything which stimulates sexual desire }
• Listening Erotica.
• Day Dreaming ( particularly sexual desire for long time )

● Notice : Edging is Dangerous because it fuckes up our reward/dopamine circuit in our brain. Either do the sexual act completly or forbid completly.