I have an issue

5 relapses today. The 5th one was extremely painful yet i didnt stop. I feel disgusting. My dick hurts. I feel weak. Why am i such an idiot why is it so much easier for everyone else to beat this


Also my breathing sucks now and everything feels slow and stiff. Its like my throat is conjester and im moving in water

Dont use mobile after 9 pm

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This happens during the day im fine at night

The truth is , it is not easy for others to beat this . You have to realize that people on 100 , 200+ streaks had to face the same demons as ours . They too had urges , they too had bad days where they thought that they would relapse but they didn’t . We all go through the same shit , the difference is that the person who puts in more effort pulls through and others don’t :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the same for me. When I masturbate I do it 3, 4 times a day. Now I am in my 22 streak day. You have the support you need in us. It is not easy but we can do it. You are not alone to beat this addiction. If it would be easy there would be no need of this app or others apps. I believe all of the people in here have the same issues you have that is why we encourage each other to beat this bad habit.

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Dont use earphone or headphone if u have then throw it

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Find a higher taste in spirituality. Then gradually everything will be okay. You will realise that there is nothing to give up and no reason to feel derived.

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5 relapses? Lol i did that too sometimes when i was in 8th grade by the time i was in 10th and 11th my penis would barely be able to maintain an erection for long and i got really scared but i tried nofap atleast 200 times and i failed more miserable each time until this year

I was so tired of it that my penis wouldn’t even get hard properly so i stopped touching it

Then i was able to go a week like this and so on and so forth sometimes 5 days sometimes 2 days ,a week or just relapsing twice in a day

I have been to where you are right now. And to be honest it was full of pleasure

But i cant even tell you the misery i was in ( study wise , confidence wise, health wise) etc

Obviously i am better now i could finally go 29 days without fapping and saw how bigger my penis got cause it healed and the blood reached properly

And now i am on day 11 and i have so much focus

I feel like i am so much more than i was before

What i am trying to say is i started nofap cause my penis and sexual power got weaker becaue of extreme masturbation

You have not reached that point and please do not reach it. Just do not touch your penis anymore
For your own sake

Prevention is better than cure

Unless you follow celibacy (if you dont know about it ask me) you won’t be able to get out of this cycle


It’s easier for others because they went through a lot until they won.


Yeah i can agree on that

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