I have a question...(t/w)

So I have been addicted to porn for about 20 years, I’ve been with my wife for a total of almost 16 years now. I used to look at porn and masturbate at least twice a day but now I’m doing day long streaks with ease (just relapsed after 5 days—longest streak in prob that 20 years).
My question is do I HAVE to keep from sex with my wife? I see so many on here that speak about avoiding ejaculation, but at the same time that wouldn’t be fair to my wife who is not in the same boat as me. I feel almost as if I’m cheating that 5 day streak when she wants to have sex frequently lately, because maybe my urge to ejaculate is gone from having sex…but also even if I was looking at porn the sex wouldn’t matter. Was just hoping for some opinions and insight to this.

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What is your goal for Nofap? Abstinence from porn, masturbation and orgasm or working on conserving your marriage and saving sexual activity for your spouse?