I have a problem

Guys I don’t know if this is working correctly anymore… It’s not like i want to fap or anything, i don’t care about that, but all those unintentional sexual thoughts, sex dreams and fantasizing in general bring all the head tentsion and I think dopamine rush that make me want to believe that no won’t work further from here. I want to starve my self from dopamine when it comes to sexual behavior. Icut of porn a long time ago and I’m going for a bigger streak now, I want to be dopamine sensitive(that’s one of my goals) but I thing the fantasizing wont bring me further…

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Pain is temporary I swear. Fight your demons, instant gratification is not what you need.

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Are my dopamine receptors gonna heal though?..

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Heal them, not with negative feeds(fapping) but with accepting the dopamine urges and responding them with positive feeds.

This might help. :point_up_2:


They are going to heal. As strongwillpower said, you must feed them properly!