I have a doubt about PMO and SEX

What I mean is: If I’m on No-fap and I have sex with orgasm (ejaculation), does that count as a relapse?

I know that at the moment of ejaculation the body expels sperm but it is through a sexual partner and not through one’s own hand and pornography.

The opportunity to have sex was presented and I am in doubt because I have been no-fap for 10 days and I feel spectacular, but I start to think that after orgasm I will feel like garbage, however I also think that sex is far from the masturbation (PMO) because during sex the body initiates a chemical and hormonal process that is perceived by the brain totally different from masturbating, then; If I have sex (and orgasm) will I feel the same as if I masturbated?

Could someone be objective and answer this question that I have?

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First of all just believe that sex is normal and a very healthy process if your mindset is like that sex is like masterbation and it will make you feel garbage and demotivated then it will definitely make you demotivated… doing PMO affects your mindset but doing sex with your partner with your love will make you two more connected (not only physically but emotionally too) you have to be present in that moment don’t think about anything just feel that moment and enjoy it… sex is normal… the point is while having sex you are not looking at another super model and fapping… you are having orgasm with a normal girl and in my opinion that won’t affect your mind… and having orgasm two or three times a month is healthy (only if it is achieved by sex with your love)… while having sex you aren’t cheating anyone… you are not doing anything wrong so you shouldn’t feel any guilt… but if you watch porn and m on that then you are cheating your gf… so think about it… sex and pmo are very much different… although I’ll not say that you should be addicted to it remember there should be love not lust in your relationship… if you are using her for sex then it’s lust and it’ll definitely affect your mind and your thoughts… I hope you get my point brother… all the best


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


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