I had an anxiety attack in my mind

Today I had an anxiety attack in my mind, I had entered a supermarket which was busy and had lots of people, it made me feel overwhelmed in my mind, every person I would see or walk past I would feel nervous and have trouble making eye contact with them, there were also females with certain clothing and it made me even more nervous and uncomfortable, so I finished buying my stuff and got out of there. Normally I wouldn’t feel like this but during this episode, my anxiety levels suddenly surged out of nowhere, the moment I was around all of those people. Does this happen to you guys?

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Don’t worry, in this path of noPMO, you will gain super confidence and all this anxiety will be finished.
Yep, it happens sometimes.

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Odds are your projecting your emotions outwards. But you’ll figure out how to manage your empathy control board. Small steps and as always protect yourself from lust.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother.

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