I give into masturbation in no more than two weeks

I’ve been using ■■■■ for a while now, but for the past year I’ve been stuck in this two-week cycle. The first three days I’m familiar with—the urges are difficult but manageable. Days 4-7, however, are like hell. I feel myself regressing into a primitive, sexually-charged bastard. Basically, the longer I do nofap, the more uncontrollable my libido becomes. I don’t know what to do about this! I workout, I do work around the house, and I work on school. But it’s like I can’t get rid of that horny energy. Any suggestions?


There is no magic pill to stop urges you never will or want to stop being horny , we are men who generally have high and impulsive sexual behaviors/desires.Being horny is good and healthy so don’t act like its a bad feeling.The only thing we can do is learn to control our brain and thoughts to stop self pleasuring yourself with some cheap unsatisfying material . We got to learn how to catch our triggers that lead to p0rn use and masturbation.

It is possible to use sexual energy for other tasks like working out,studying,learning and other tasks.Once you reach a few weeks you will understand what i mean. Just get more discipline and learn to control yourself. Trust me the faster you learn the better off you will be. :muscle:


High intense exercise. Even 20 minutes can do, but make sure those are the most intense 20 minutes of your day. Your heart should be pumping at full force and you should be sweating like a pig. The horny energy will be well spent.

Also this. It will calm you down.

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It is because u r trying to be supress the urge. It will never help. I read this somewhere that suppressing evil does no good , elimination of evil is the only way. And how to eliminate? Being conscious of evil. Sit down for a while , close ur eyes and ponder upon what are the ill effects of PMO , if I eradicate the habit of PMO what more I can achieve , how useless sexual energy is(unless u are in a relationship) and how this energy can be used. How disgusting lust is and how am I any different from a wild animal , whose sole priorities are reprduction and food. Ponder upon these , meditate upon these facts


Sounds good :+1:


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But how do you exactly catch that urge because I’m now being more productive this year than last year


Welcome @Abdul124
Every time you relapse or pmo there are event’s,thoughts and the same patterns that lead up to the moment.You got to recognize what these “triggers” are and put effort into stopping and realizing that every time you do this or don’t do something you need to stop yourself in the act.
These could be

  • Time of day
  • If you feel some type of emotion (Can bet this a problem of 90% of men)
  • Not being on your purpose
  • Giving in to your bad habits
  • Staying on certain sites too long
  • Being alone or door closed (isolating yourself)
  • Social Media use
  • Boredom/Laziness
    Everyone has certain conditions and circumstances that lead them to relapsing and pmo’ing. Overtime everyone realizes what these are, you may have to fail a few more times to really understand when and why you give in, but as-long as every time you learn from your last time, you are on the right track.
    Thanks for your first post and good luck on you journey @Abdul124 :muscle: :grin:

This is good steps.

Also change your mindset

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