I find the first week difficult

Any advice on how I can get through the first week? I find it hard to control myself on the first week, but I find that when I approach 10 days, it’s easier to control myself, and im able to take action when an urge hits.


Create an action plan. For example what you would do when an urge hits. It could be prayer or walking outside. People often relapse because they have no plan


I have observed this with me and in some folks in the froum as well…

I did some internet research and found some articles saying ’ that after one week from fapping or after one week of nofapping the testosterone levels in the body rises and makes us more compulsive… By day 10 it’s at peak… It also varies for each individual but that around the time when urges are the strongest.

Also if you are not releasing dopamine for the same duration… Ur body will release Delta phosine to fire neural pathways that will release dopamine…

In English that means when ever is quite a few days from fapping… Ur brains like daam

It’s been long since we go a good dope hit… Must be something wrong, even testosterone is rising.
It’s better we crave this mofo so that things get back to normal… That’s ur subconscious btw

Ur conscious self however, know things in real time and knows what wrong or right. So the more you force your subconscious mind to the ‘abnormal’ the more it resists and each time it does… It’s getting slightly more used to the new normal… That will be nofap.

Hope that made sense


Thanks for that guys!

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what are you recovering for?

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