I fell alone without woman :(

since i take the determination of get away from women. I fell alone an sad. No becouse sex, i think becouse always in my live was a woman if no like a girlfriend , yes like a romantic-sex relationship and it support me. It give me company. Right now i fill that lack. Loneliness is hurting me. Anyone with this problem? What can i do?

I have never had a gf since I was born. Porn was fullfilling my needs enough to forget about any relationships. Although sometimes while observing teens holding hands in the park or partying it made me realize how much my youth sufferred from this addiction. During abstinence these loneliness feeling come back with mutiplied force, however I know I need to fix myself first. I need to become the man who does the right thing, develop skills, get immersed in healthy hobbies and passions. Additionally I ask myself if I would date somebody like me. The answer is obvious - of course not! Im not prepared. I havent sorted my things out. Im still work in progress. Chasing girls doesnt make sense to me at the moment, because it would be time wasted.


I like what you wrote except one part

Every person is worth being loved by someone else. appreciate that you are one of the few people who tackles his problems. That alone makes you worth it.
Most of the people out there aren’t even aware or don’t wanna be aware of their problem. Trying to change yourself makes you stronger than not believing that you have problems


I don’t think that having a girlfriend is the only way to stop feeling lonely.
Having friends around you (male as well as female friends) fills the hole of loneliness better than having one girlfriend which isn’t your perfect match


I always do that way, have a woman with some kind of relationship. And in that way i found my support. The problem is that this kind of rekationship mostly derivates in sex-romance and hard to stop it, so, i am puting away myself of it. The consecuence is that i also lost that support, im felling lost-alone. I live alone.

I think it is mostly peer pressure that makes us feel that having a girlfriend/boyfriend is essential in our lives. Companionship and sex are definitely important, but not things that we can’t live without. My personal belief is that only if you have mastered yourself and truly learned to live alone, you should bring another person into your life. It’s better to utilize our time for developing ourselves and reaching the point where we choose the people in our lives, not vice versa.




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Exactly. The point of being short really hit home. :frowning: