I fapped twice today due to anxiety. Please help

I am extremely addicted to fapping and I am seriously in trouble now at 27 my erections are weak and I am so anxious about it and about my future. I want to stop and I’ve tried so many times but I keep failing. Please help me!

This behavior is a relic from my past abuse and one thing I know for sure is I can’t let it go😢.

I want to change and become better. I want to heal. Please help!


We need to improve our lives as a whole to beat this addiction, not just focus on no pmo.

work on fixing all your life, and the goal isn’t perfection,or total happeness, but improvement

Thank you for the words, man. I know and I have goals. Just that I get so anxious and relapse.

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Hope you are doing well today. I know this emotion will pass and I need to be stronger next time and everytime.

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First of all, you have to be more calm and cool. Most of the guys are addicted in this and very few of them like you are ready to fade it away. So you are a great one. Attempts are just only numbers. But our extreme wish is the life changer. So make an inevitable start bro. Change your schedules, change your surroundings. You can change the atmosphere around you, like changing curtains, bed cover, pillow cover and also you may choose some motivational pictures or motivational stickers for your room walls. Then create a new plan , i mean just plan a trip or just plan to buy a new pet or even you can plan to buy a new book. That kind of things will extremely help you. Do creative things all the time. Trick your brain by doing such kind of new experiences. In our childhoods, we are very busy in our schedules. Because we have a lot to play, a lot to draw, a lot to read (story books) and even we have a lot to watch cartoons, etc etc.
So my point is that, go to child hood. Just grap your childhood memories again. Look at your child hood photos and ask mother or father about your child hood activities. Such kinda things will help you certainly. Thank you. All the best

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You can’t let it go bro. It’s your past.
You don’t even have to let it go.
Accept it. accept it and half the problem is solved then n there.


Thank u. Now i am trying to relax and meditate later. Clear my mind from here on. Get focused.

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Thank you. I am totally decided now to go to this quiet beach that I love in the coming weekend and go beach camping and enjoy solitude on my own and just be calm and cool and be one with nature.

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This right here is why you’re messing up. Don’t let it go, come to terms and be at peace with it and then move on. I know, much easier said than done. For help, I would see a therapist, maybe take a look at religion as well. But you need to actively confront your trauma or it just sits there, simmering, forever fucking you up. I speak from experience when I say you do not want that to happen.

Good luck, friend, and if you would like to talk more feel free to message me.

Thank you for the words. Mindset changing. I guess I’ve been trying so hard to let it go that I can’t make peace with it and take a step forward. My past has held me back for so long it’s time that I face it so that I can move on.

I am also considering therapy but where I come from access to mental health services is scarce so what I mostly do is engage in outdoor activities but now I know dealing with my trauma is most pressing now if I don’t wanna end up forever a prisoner so I am gonna find resources to mental health services of every possible option.

Look into hotlines and lifelines, numbers you can call for someone to talk with. I don’t know where you’re located but I believe they are relatively common. Good luck man, I proud of you for taking the initiative to better yourself. We all got your back!

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