I fapped after 5 days

Am 26 years old… I tried no fap so many times before but last night I was on a good streak 5 days in a row but my problem with anxiety was hard I couldn’t sleep I felt like shocking . Even I tried so many things but still the same . I managed to handle it the first few days but couldn’t yesterday my longest streak was 2 month 2 years ago bUT I remember even after 2 month I was still having problems with anxiety. So I guess I need help with that problem first . So it want interput my streak again . .

Bro. You are running away from your problems by fapping.
Fapping is not the solution for anxiety.

I too have stress and anxiety. I coundnt sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. That doesnt mean i should forget about my problems by fapping.

Fapping is far more dangerous than drugs;alcohol or nicotine. It produces the high similiar to cockaine and meth.
Remember you are putting your hormones on a roller coaster ride by fapping. It goes up and then its rock bottom. There is not normal and constant brain wave. Hence one must avoid orgasms.

Anxiety is a byproduct of too much wastage of life force (sperms).

I suggest you go for 100 days of Reboot. During this reboot if you feel stress and anxiety ignore it as it is part of the healing process.
It may even take a year to Reboot/Heal completly depanding upon your habit strength.

Once you break from your fap habit. You would experience ultimate joy at all times without anxiety.

Good Luck Brother. I am with you in this times of tragedy. I am also struggling but i didnt left my Road. The path to eternal bliss. Currently i am on day 14.


Does marrige ends this problem ? cause even if I stopped fapping for 100 days I could relapse at any time . . So I want a good solution for that

Marriage will solve your problem definately.
I advise you sexual transmutation and semen retention.
Now search these two terms on youtube.