I failed the Uchiha clan once again

Hello guys im sad to announce that I masturbated again. I thought of deleting this app but I stayed strong and decided to keep it. I failed not only me but my family, the Uchiha clan. I couldn’t unlock my Sharingan because I masturbated too much. Well I guess I am not a proud member of the Uchiha, huh? But don’t worry! I’ve come to the conclusion that there are genes in our body that makes us masturbate. And scientist haven’t discovered how to remove this genes yet. I have 2 options.

  1. To Lower my sensitivity
  2. Just go with my will power.

Note: If you keep masturbating you will lose your vision.

You might be right but I dont think its genes, it is the society and internet which pulls us in to this shithole. I wonder if a child who has never been exposed to the concept of masturbation, porn and sex etc would learn it on his own.


Well, it’s scientificly proven that our “sex” genes makes us to want sex so we can reproduce children. It is God’s will. And I’m sure that a child that has never been exposed to the internet will still masturbate at around 14 years old.

But what would be his/her motivation to do it and how is he going to learn the process? Like I literally asked on a yahoo chat room when I was 12-13 about how to do it. And I was curious because such things were being discussed everywhere from school to neighborhood and even TV.

May be but it won’t be as much as we are doing it now adays…

Wow, and did they told you how to masturbate? I find it hilarious and dumb because the children nowadays are talking about porn 24/7. I remember when I was 4th grade there was this one kid that always talked about sex and masturbation and the worst thing was that he was my best friend.

We live in a society.

I found out it was easier for me from day 3-13 than 1-2 for me , I always get the strongest urge at these days like today …

:joy: no I dont think that they told me step by step


That’s great. I started no fap when I was 7! Keep it up.

True keep it strong.

You started NoFap at 7? So, when did you start fapping? :joy:

It’s too confidential for me to discuss that. But I started long before 7.

He’s read some Freud

Do you think there can be erogenous stimulation at such a young age? I don’t remember the “Phallic stage” coming for me that early…

No way, Freud was fraud of Victorian age hehe :grinning: but he paved the path for many like Karl Jung.

Why would you read so much about him :stuck_out_tongue: Never came across karl jung though…

One such fraud was Napoleon Hill, just read a couple of chapters of Law of Success, the book is an advertisement of itself…

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Read black swan or antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, I just love him, he’s a difficult one but pure gold, he is the whistleblower of intellectual fraud. The modern intellectual is mediocre than your grandmother he says.:joy:

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