I Don't know what to do

Hai Friends…
I quit using this application long ago…
Because I didn’t believe in me…
Whenever more bad thoughts come in my brain then I am doing this bad habit…
my life has become hell…
I am addicted for 8 or 9 years…
I don’t know what to do…
In this app some people cross even 1 year…
But why can’t I do it?
please any one help
I am preparing for my competitive exam…
I am very sleepy because of this Addiction.(masturbation)…
I didn’t sleep at night from 5 days…
I am sleeping everyday in the morning and awake at night…


Dont give up, if you fail try another way. Try to form new healthy habits. Dont rely on willpower and motivation only , also dont focus on maintaining streak too much.

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Hey dude look if u slip its ur fault and if u dont u have to keep doing it again and again its not a one day process its like when u go to gym and come back and see urself in mirror u see nothing and even after 1 month u see nothing but there is definitely something which is build up .

Ok just ask to urself and answer to urself
Q1 what are ur achievements
Q2 do u get what u want
Q if yes dont u want more or u just going to settle
there and let everyone pass u
Q if not then why the hell u relapse
Q3 dont u want to crack the that fukin exam
Q4 but my friend how ur supposed to crack that exam that definitely not a cake wake
Q5 what are the things that ur are willing to sacrifice for that exam or ur goal
Q6 what if u were not able to crack tht exam because of ur laziness and tired ness and ur bad habit of pmo
Q7 we live in a competitive society what if all ur friends surpass u and crack that exam and u dont

Look bro the life ahead is full of struggles if u don’t get up everybody will crush u down so get up my friend its not time to sleep


Thank you brothers… @TAVNARP @John22
i will definitely come up this time


I suggest u to read this book “your brain on porn” and know every things about this addiction any many things…thank me later

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A wise man who had 1000 day streak on Nofap was asked, how did you do it?

He asked the questioner:" Can you go one day?

He responded:" Of course, but it seems impossible to get to 1000. Even to get to 90"

The man then told him:" If you could go one day, you can go 1000, If you fix your eyes on the top of the mountain, you will miss the little bumps in the ground, and trip over them because you weren’t paying attention to the little obstacles."

“But”, the man said," If you can just get over each little step you have to make along the way, you will be at the top in no time"

Do not focus on the top of the mountain and trip on the little rocks in your way.

Just win over one day at a time.



Thank you brother @Binocular

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