I don't know if l should reset

This whole journey with this app and community has really helped me. I use to be the guy who would cum twice a day and now l haven’t cummed for 56 days. Unfortunately this journey has slowly made me noticed that l slowly started to edge instead. It’s got bad only during early morning and late nights tho.
Should l reset my counter?
Idk so I’m going to run a poll and the majority wins and l will read what you got to say.
I feel like if l do restart

  1. I be a bit upset
  2. being upset l feel like if I’m going to start new to restart counter to just cum to release tension and start again

But also l could feel good about myself so ldk. I’m sorry to all who supported me as it seems like l taken away one addiction and replaced it with another

  • Yes reset counter
  • No keep going
  • Other = reply on forum

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3rd option: don’t reset your counter but start tracking the days you go without edging.

As you said, you’ve made serious progress and I think the counter is a helpful reminder of that. If you restart it without being full convinced you have relapsed it will probably lead to a full relapse anyway which would be a much more serious step backwards.

Treat edging as the new enemy to focus on and start building a streak without doing that. Pretty soon you will have left all of it behind.

Keep going, you’re winning this thing.


I like this idea and thanks for the support.


I am with @Keats .

Resetting would make you very upset and this may lead to binging or relapse.

Try now to change your plan and find a way to continue without edging, or as it is called, without even peeking!
And at the end, counter is just a motivation. We all want to stop forever, so try now to change the strategy to no peek and hopefully you will do it!

Keep it up man


Super option !!! I exactly want this…this 56 days give you motivation so don’t reset it.


Thanks @Keats @FighterLife @_TIGER for giving me advice on what to do next. Really do appreciate it

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I wish this app had 3 counters which you can keep track of.

  1. counter for Porn/peeking
  2. counter for Masterbation aka edging
  3. counter for Orgasm aka cumming
    Or whatever but whatever it’s called having more than one be better.
    This would motivate people more instead of being afraid of resetting the one and only counter we have now

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