I did dopamine detox on 30th day of my nofap. And it was the best day of my life

My rule were:
1 No phone, T.V - no electronic items.
2 No sugar
3 No tea,Coffee
4 No music.
5 Talk only if it is urgent.
6 No reading
7 Ate two meals. ( In the afternoon and night. Very less rice and curry)

All I can do was:
1 Drink water
2 Walk around
3 25 pushups
4 Write.

I woke at 9. It was like a holiday for me. I didn’t had anything to do. No deadlines to keep. I was free. I brushed my teeth. Meditated for 10 minutes, then went outside and sat there and thought. Thought about life, who Iam I? What do I wanna do? A lot of self analysing question. Then I took my pen and book and started writing. I wrote about myself, goals, addiction. I came to know a lot about me brothers. Above all, it helped a lot in regaining my mind back in control. I believe it also helped in rewiring fast. At the middle of the day I had severe head ache. Brain was crying for dopamine and I said no you are not getting anything today. This is for your good. I walked around and enjoyed nature’s beauty. I was so present that time went so slowly, my thoughts were so clear and focused too. I meditated for 30 minutes yesterday, which is my personal record. And today when I woke up, I listened to a beautiful song and I swear my brother. It was like having an orgasm​:sweat_smile: . I felt so happy and emotional. This shit works. You have to do this brothers. But since we are in this addiction, there is a risk that we may relapse if you don’t have strong will power. Do this only if you are ready to face the pain. At the middle of the day, your brain will cryout for dopamine and may give you constant headache. But the next day your mind will be so clear and focused that you won’t know what to do with it. Above all, it gives a lot of knowledge about yourself since you don’t have anything else to do than sit there Meditate and write :sweat_smile:


I followed this video.



Even I am thinking to do this but the circumstances don’t allow me to do this. As I am not living alone otherwise it would be easier for me to do this dop.fast


Do you have any idea about how long will the effect of this fast will last?

If you don’t know now then tell me whenever it’s effect ended.


More than the effect, during the time in which I was fasting I did a lot of writing about myself. Which gave me an action plan to follow. Goals more clear. More focused. I believe the rewiring has also become faster. A mild headache from yesterday is still there which I believe is a sign of rewiring being done.



Sometimes I do only parts of it and it still has a good effect. For eg. I don’t listen to any music for 3 or 5 days, and/or I don’t check my instagram for a couple of days, doesn’t surf on youtube etc… Probably it’s different from a complete dopamine detox but works for me.

Have you tried something similar?


Hey @comingclean
In my daily routine I don’t use any social media (except whatsapp & I use only when I get important message)
YouTube I am surfing now only for research purposes and learning something new. Otherwise I can leave it for 30days I am not that much addicted. Listening music is also occasional for me. But I have only one thing which I feel I am deep in it that is playing game on mobile.
I will try to no screen for few days which can help me for this dop. Detox, we can call it half dop. detox .


@comingclean I’ve not tried that. But I believe quitting Instagram and other social medias during the time of rewiring is good.
@anon1074209, quitting screen even for a few days would be one of the best thing you can do. Especially if you are working on anything important or studying for any exam. Our focus would be crystal clear. But checking rewire companion is important bro. I think it gives us the accountability we need to go forward.


I think I’ll try this soon not tommorow but when I finish exams

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Oh and what was the “beautiful song”.

Yeah bro. This really works. Iam planning to do it once every week.