I can't take this anymore

I know this is weird, but. My POCD is getting worse. Those lewded child picture stuck in my mind, it’s torturing me. i can’t
take this any longer. Why the hell did i watch that hentai in the first place. I feel like i wanna die. I’m a monster.


I have done worse than you. And if I can beat this, then so can you. Get up and kill it.


Why you feeling like you wanna die :skull:. Firstly take a deep breath and calm your mind. Look at you parents who always support you every problem and you thinking of a die. If you die problem are solve problems become more worst . Your parents who always love as great son, they always want you happy. Then why you thinking so much negative . Believe in God and calm your. Brother @JohnDoe3217


You are not alone…

Torture means that you feel guilty for watching that. This means you have a concience. There is good inside you telling you about your wrong doings. You are not a monster. You are a prisoner of PMO for now.
Just remember the dark side of porn and the wierd and horrible fetishes it leads to. And stay away from all types of porn knowing where it leads to… A shithole. With only animalistic desires.
Now you know the dark side. You will have more reason to stay away from porn now.

Really?.. You are not a coward!!!. Just man up and face the trash you put in your mind. Staying away from hentai and porn will fade the memories but little faded memories will always remain to remind you of the filthy side of porn.

Killing yourself is out of question. Right now, you are in pain. Do you want to cause pain to your mother and father and brother and sister and friends and relatives and everyone ??? Dont be a fool!!!.
Really? Come on man… Just kill this habit of PMO. Not yourself.

Remember, the image stuck in your mind will lose it power. But it wont lose its presence. This is good. It will keep you aware of the dark side and motivate you to quit PMO.

YOU ARE NOT… there is a monster inside you. Its not you… JUST STARVE THE MONSTER… Duh!!!


WOW, thank you for the motivation bro. I will do my best to not peek again.

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Best of Luck @JohnDoe3217
Stay strong bro…