I Can't, my. Life is dead


my girlfriend left me, I have Pied after 21 days i’ve relapsed 3 times in 2 days and i’ve seen porn. I can’t, this is greater than me. what is going to be my? age 19 and porn induced erectile dysfunction


I recommend you to do something new… you will get many girls in future, that’s not an issue. Don’t let porn take over your whole brain. Do something that excites you or challenges you :wink:


Your will is always free, realize that every day.


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i want join what i do

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I am tagging you there.


Don’t lose hope mate, Failures are temporary Once you will archive your goal You will feel proud on yourself that you quit it.


@manwonga123 I would recommend you watch the channel “PornReboot” on youtube and then visit their website “www.elevatedrecovery.org

Watch on that and note all the tips from those videos. Analyse how you can change your lifestyle and thinking after that.

Remember, earlier you were wasting time on something nasty for this short-term feeling of pleasure. Now when you’ve got to change for good, just invest a bit of thinking and time into tools & psychological aids that will not simply motivate you but make you realise the deeper purpose of NoFap

All The Best mate!
You Will Succeed!

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