I can't make even 2 days. HELP PLEASE!

Hey there! New to Rewire. I’m 23 yo and on 12 august I relapsed after 900+ days hard mode of nofap and I had since then 14-15 faps without P and one with P. I cant make even 2 days. I always edge(i was reading about solo cultivation and thats why I relapsed in the first place). I feel I lost most of the benefits I gained, but wanna start over and do 1000+ this time.

Any advice? I’m a loner introvert.


I’m 21, and an active extrovert. So we are completely different that way…BUT you have achieved something that I can only dream of. 900 days is legendary and you should be proud of that. Believe me we all are. Now fapping without stopping is a normal tendancy after being without it for so long. Try your best to get back at it, but you will eventually when you get disgusted by your behaviour. That’s how I started. But keep at it man. For me not being alone works the most. I hate being alone and that is what triggers me the most. Idk about you though. But feel free to talk about it ok


More than 900 days? Brother, I would want to get advice from you. :smiley: I was an really anxious introvert. But I was opposite, I fapped because of it. But you don’t need to be shy here. Everybody is so helpful, so inspiring.
So, you have trapped in edging. I know how it feels, like you’ve already relapsed, but you still want to get that pleasure, but you should stop at there. This can lead to masturbating multiple times a day.
You should first use softwares on apps like YouTube, stop fantasizing, being lonely, being inactive. And also, the best way to stop relapsing is to stay away from your phone as long as you can. Depression, anxiety, stress, so much pressure, not socializing leads to being alone A.K.A edging, A.K.A “Say goodbye to your streak”. If you would do these things you probably will see longer streaks.


Oh god brother, it must have been horrible to drop from such a high streak. I can relate how that feels like, and it’s the worst thing that can actually ever happen after a complete healing.
Do not feel low brother. That’s what the addiction wants from you.

You’ve been to the top. You’ve seen the view. If you’ve done it once, you can definitely do it again!
Our entire support is with you. Start afresh, and don’t look at the height. All you have to do is get through one day.
1 day at a time.

You are unable to make beyond 2 days because you’re beating yourself up too much. It’s okay. Do not regret much brother. You’ve been through 900 days! What’s 2 days infront of that? You’ve got the ability to get through it in a sneeze!

I’m on day 1 too, why don’t you join me on this journey? Let’s make it together!

I recommend you get your grip back on life again. Stop overthinking. Do not dwell into the past or regret too much on that horrible 900 day relapse. It’s natural, and now you have all the reason to not do that again, and I know you won’t! :wink:
You’re strong, and you can make it again! You’ve seen the entire journey, all you have to do is just do it again!

No one around gets to enjoy victory twice, so you’ll be one!

Journal here more. Text me if you’re feeling low. Share your story, and your feelings!
Meditate, exercise, talk to people. There’s a lot of life out there beyond porn! :relieved:

Also, I recommend staying away from all mainstream media. Social media as well. It’s a huge pit of sexual content. I have no idea where this world is heading. Disgusting.
Until you gain some will power and rationality back, better to just abstain. Self control comes automatically with the streak.

And celebrate! Because this is going to be the last day 0 of your streak!