I can't handle this urge

What do I do I’ve had this urge all day and its bugging me and different strategies can get rid of this urge with???

do you have it every day or are there days or certain times during the day where urges are much weaker?
I personally know that tomorrow my urges will be weaker than today (especially I never have urges in the morning.) So, I can tell myself that if the urges are still as strong tomorrow morning i can watch a porn.
This takes away a lot of pressure from the current moment. What your brain thinks right now is, that it will never again get a porn. So it will just freak out. But if you tell it, that it could get what it wants tomorrow, it is much more happy and willing to accept that.

But when next morning comes I wake up and don’t have any urges since I’m way to tired for that. And hence I won’t relapse

Hope you understand the principle :sweat_smile:

I’m doing that quite often when I have an urge where I just wanna see girls. I then tell myself that on Saturday I will see my girlfriend and that I don’t need to look at girls right now. I can wait a few more days