I can't fight until

Just ended a 6 days streak.
How ?
In M.Sc. colleagues have determined future and dedication.
I am still figuring out how will I will cope with syllabus.
Shit teachers send PhD scholars to teach us.
Ex is in BTech.
Never got any girl after breakup.
Addicted to PUBG.
Came back from college was frustrated fapped.
My ex is still hot but I am balding so that’s another thing killing me from inside.
Now I’ll waste time on discord.
Fuck My Life.


I can understand… we all have similar stories with similar side effects.
Start writing a personal diary and when urges comes… read it & write your thoughts.

It is working for me… may be … it can make you aware of yourself & give you hope & motivation.

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just focus on your important work & nofap … dont think about shit ever … always be discipline with your purpose " why started nofap " … think positive in life & think positive in negative situations also.