I Can't Do This, If It's Unforgettable

I can’t do this NoFap, well, at least if I’m still keep remembering about the lewd that have been saved on my brain. I don’t know how to remove these memories, i hate it a lot. Please, how… I can’t get past 35 days rn. I’m so sad.


Yes you can, and I know this for certain because I and many many other people have been in the same spot as you are in and gotten out. When you go from watching porn every day to no porn at all with no fap your mind is going to take some time to readjust. I fantasised about porn for days/weeks/months and it took a long time before I could get into a state where I wouldn’t think about porn for 30+ days. Just keep going bro, don’t forget why you started, please trust me when I say every day you abstain the closer you’ll get to your target. You just can’t give up, and you can 100% do it. The thoughts will go away eventually and gradually.


Here’s the truth, we wont forget, don’t focus on that… That’s not how things work. Things fade over time, sure but won’t go away completely, they always stay hidden in a part of our brain. We will always remember when we want to remember, we wont if we dont want to, when we truly move on from it. Imagine an alternate world where you can forget stuff, how can you be sure that you wont follow the same wrong path again? Imagine a life where nothing bad has happened to u, and suddenly you have got a small problem, that would probably look like the biggest problem, and you will have no idea how to tackle it.

But what we can do is, accept the wrongs things we did to ourselves, stop regretting, stop living in guilt or shame but instead start living life the way u want to be, in a much better way. Learn from the mistakes and be better. Its hard, yes, but we got to accept, no one is perfect, everyone has their flaws, we should forgive ourselves, we shouldn’t judge ourselves because of our past but instead aim to be stronger and better.

God obviously can do anything right? I mean, in Christianity, Jesus performed so many miracles, healed the people that are sick. Many… But when Paul, someone thats been through so much, even went to jail for jesus, asked god to cure him from something, make a problem go away, Jesus doesn’t make it go away. Instead he says, My grace is enough.

If everything about us is perfect, we tend to be proud, full of ego. So what we should stop hoping for, is a life full of positives. We fall, we get ourselves back up. We make mistakes, we learn. We feel bad for what we did, then accept and move on. Dont fall onto the victim or the entitlement trap. Appreciate the little things in life, and when troubles come your way, face them and get over them.

May be most of it wouldn’t be related to u, I got carried away in this reply. But I hope you got my point. Dont expect to forget stuff, but learn from it, let it all exist but move on to being better… Keep trying and keep fighting :muscle:


Literally try to take your mind off it the second it comes up. Think of it as an annoyance that you don’t even need to acknowledge.

It will be hard at first, but keep yourself occupied with other tasks and activities, and every time it comes up, find something else to do. I also find that practicing prayer or meditating regularly to increase custody of your own mind helps.