I cant control whyyyy

i just watched porn and relapsed :sweat:
why again and again
i can’t control my urge
neend help :sob:

Ah… it’s upto you…like yea people may have ways, but like…sigh.
Just like think of a plan by yourself, and follow it, that’s why this app here has timer. Challenge yourself man.
Hmm I need some help too.

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You can overcome it brother! I recommend you a book called “Your Brain on Porn”. I read it during the first days of my streak, and it has made me see how bad porn is, and it made me commit to never watch porn again.


New things needs (habits)
Decision but it’s not enough to improve anything , calm yourself and go through this uncomfort …
maybe you will lose … start again don’t stop
Don’t ask why ??
You need to quit because you don’t like , you already want it and you will success , don’t stop trying , no time to ask ?!

Hope that you will enjoy our community …


yes I will quit this habit :fire::fire::fire::fire:


You got to trick your brain, try semen retention when you have urges ,It has helped me


Stay away from devices.

Also check videos on how to stop fapping. Watch and learn what works for you


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