I can and i will [18M]

I am an IIT aspirant
I study 10+ Hrs daily
but I had a bad habit of rewarding my self after a hard working day and i used to reward my self by watching porn
…Yes you read that right.
It was pleasure watching it and i was watching that since I was 12 years old and currently I am 18 and i want to just delete this habit of rewarding me with porn each day i feel that i have a quota of one fap each day and until I do it i am not able to focus in my studies :disappointed_relieved:.

Today is my Day 1
and last year I tried no fap and just reached 20 days not far than that but this time I am aiming for 90 days that sounds a lot to me but I will do it for my own betterment.


i am new to this app and finding it a bit complicated :sweat_smile:


It may seem like compicated, but that’s not difficult. You can always ask :wink:


going through flatline from day 3 :sunglasses: onwards
and i am chill nothing is distracting me :sunglasses:
no urges at all :star_struck:

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i am on a two and half day streak
when I ever an urge strikes i just visit this page

and witness that i have already reached 2 % of my journey
120 days🤩


That’s awesome :sparkles::tada: …and let me give u an additional tip to modify your focus.

Forget 90 days, just focus on today. Make today your goal. Short term goals are the best when the target is big. Believe me, when the urges will hit you and you will think I just have to just control today, it will be easier to manage.

But if you think I have to control for 90 days, those 90 days will seem like an impossible task coupled with your current horny state. You would think I have be horny for 90 straight days ( it’s a delusion) it will break your willpower. So forget 90 days, just focus on today.

You can do it!!! Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there. :innocent:


:blush: yes dude i can and i will
from now onwards I will focus on making short-term daily goals and achieving them daily

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i just relapsed :sweat:
i don’t why
how can I be so rude towards my goals😓
beast reloaded!

watching porn is self destruction :slightly_smiling_face:


Come back.You can beacuse, I’ve noticed a great potential in your words. Just work for your present day and be happy with your works. One day at a time. Keep everyday Clean.


love you bro :muscle::call_me_hand:
one day at a time :fire: