I am Strong, Good and Powerful

I am a WINNER for SURE :muscle:

Relax, let it go, don’t stress about it.
You can try again, think about having a smaller goal that is achievable, then relapse if need be then try again with a slightly longer one… this is not a coventional approach, but you’ll need some degree of determination.

Good luck!


Make new hobbies
Keep yourself as much busy as possible(take this seriously)
Meditate (this shit does work for some)
Whenever u get urges just focus ur mind on something else or something stupid like “what does that song lyrics mean”
Good luck buddy ,hope you suceed

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Whenever you have the urge to fap, and you know full well that it’s not good, but still you are going to do it any way. You can do 3 things

A) Don’t stay in that place, instantly without giving any further thoughts get out of that place.

B) Do pushups 20 at a stretch and purposely strain yourself, so that you feel tired and your urge will go away

C) Talk to your parents for 30 mins and then see a video on YouTube regarding benefits of no fap .

Good luck :smiley:

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Hi there
It’s a different journy for everyone, so I can only speak for myself.
It helped me a lot to spend time alone and discover and accept the things that drive these strong “sexual needs”.
For me that was especially the need for love. But also the fear of not beeing enaugh and running from the unpleasant feelings that come with that. When I lay down and fully experience these feelings, accept them and maybe even let them go, then there is nothing left to run from.
Then I gently ask my inner self “what would you like to do now?”
For me, most times thats spending time with Jesus or sleeping. Today it was excercising. And it felt really good! :wink:

Another small tipp, eventhrou it’s pretty obvious: do whatever you love to do and do invest time into it. Whatever makes you feel really good afterwards. Even if it’s just hanging out with your best friend or watching a marvel movie;)
It doesn’t have to be writing a book and climbing the mount everest

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You can search my posts there are lots of Ideas

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