I am relapsing every 7 days

Hey friends I am getting relapsed every 7days and not able to do no fap challenge can someone be my companion please


Hey man! I’m in a similar situation where I get to 6 or 7 days but just can’t move on. I recently started thus journey too and have been looking for a companion except I have one small problem…I DON’T KNOW HOW TO ADD COMPANIONS!

Hey, brother no problem, I will be your companion


Use this My code to add in companion

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Just go to

and select add companion and this is my sharing code mn4fh9 just paste it there

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Try to identify what causes you to fail on day 7

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When you installed the app. Did you skipped the Guide ?

Hi Friend,I Can help You a little too Much .
First You find the Reason of the Relapse, Then work hard at it.
For example, If You are alone and you want to watch porn, You tie a Rubber band in your hand and if you want to press it hard, You will Understand that you have bad thoughts In Your Mind. You have to replace these thoughts. I want to do NoFab’s Streak for a long time.
If you like it, tell Me…:grin::wink::wink::slight_smile::slightly_smiling_face::blush:


Hey there.

It all depends on what you do when the urge hits.

Firstly man do you edge aswell?

Not a lot of info to work with in order to help. ( not me being an arse) , but do you have any method you apply or set rules you make for yourself?

Like e.g. no touching down there for long periods of time

Avoiding cellphone use when feeling horney( the urge)?

Most importantly do you maybe read or something to distract you from fapping?

Little basic things aswell as when the urges hit is how do you handel them and what is your mood in dealing with them. I know it is hard to ignore it, but do you slow yourself down and handle it calmly or panick constantly when it happens?

Also what is your nofap goal and how often do you look at your counter and frustrate yourself in not reaching say day 90 if thats your goal. Why I mentioned it is this is kinda a goal you wanna run in the background and not to much spotlight on it otherwise you might trigger yourself.

Also important what the other said what leads up to the relapse have you ever stopped and notice what, where and how and also implement any plans in changing it?

Hope some of the ideas might help and dm me or I give more tips later on I just don’t wanna make it too longof a post. Also sorry am also running short on time here gotta go. Please think of these key points and start making changes in your thoughts!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Sexual thoughts and images on Instagram makes me erect an when I just run mytop of dxxk to see whether I have leaked or not liquid comes out

Just uninstall Instagram. Simple.

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don’t touch yourself, don’t watch porn

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I doesn’t watch porn but some vulgar content comes while operating internet and give urges