I am not getting sleep without masterbation.Help

After 1 month of locked down i am getting habituated for masterbation for sleep. Withiut it I am not getting sleep. I dont know how to come out of it. Please someone suggest

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Thanks bro. Have to do something. I dont want to be slave of my dick for sleep

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I’ve had that problem before, too. Adioz gave some good advice, but mine was when I didn’t have a phone. What helped me was working extra hard during the day so I was tired at night, and I just had to suffer through not sleeping well for a little while. But you get over it.
I agree though to keep electronic devices away.
Good luck!


Thanks .This lockdown is stressing me up

**one reason could be because you sleep alone or feel lonely on the bed.
May this help :: hold your pillow or some folded bedsheets or any soft toy in your arms and imagine that you are sleeping with your alive pet or alive daughter.

Once your loneliness goes you would have a different topic…
I did this when i felt like fap if i could not sleep…
I at once take the pillow from my head into my arms and imagined that its my pet dog.
I fall in love and fall asleep :sleeping:

Also follow those things that others have suggested.