I am Lossing the control! (caution sex content)

i am doing to much edge, im lossing slowly the control, all becouse tinder and latin clubs in wiche i did “perreo” sex dance…rubbing my parts in the ass of girls. Yesterday even i went to the toilet with a girl and i eated her boobs. I still hold it, no sex no cum but today also i was chating with a friend about horny sex…im going back …hard to take the control of sex force and drop it. I realized that i need change mi life and maybe friends, if i dont, i will not sucess. Please i need some motivation, im in my day 29 nofap no sex.

You can relapse.You are a human sex is necessary. I did no fap but didn’t gave up sex. It’s ok. You will be doing it at some part of your life.

im rewiring my mind, need stay apart from sex until i change and i got balanced


Don’t throw away your 29day streak away for some stupid shitty relapse. Take a look at your counter, do you want it to go back to 0? Remember how much time and hard work it took for you to get to this point.

You can do it, you’re stronger than your urges


thanks bro i was tempted to relaps voluntaryli. Fall and start again. But maybe better hold, find again the way and go on from here.


It’s for sure better to hold on man, it always is!

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My advise is before going to the club, first write your goals of year 2018 and devote yourself fully in them.
As per the women asses and boobs are concerned. If you see them and it feels good. Just enjoy that feeling then and there without acting on it. The point is dont go to grab or Rub them. Just enjoy inside and smile and just go for your work. At the end, its just flesh and bones but you are no longer slave to Pleasure Always remember this. You are a Free Man


If you’re serious, I would stay away from people and environments that may pull you back down that road. I would also recommend that sex is ok, masturbation isn’t. It comes down to the neuroscience and when you have sex with someone, your brain doesn’t create the same damaging pathways it does with porn. I’m trying to stay porn free but not sex free.

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See man. If you want to stay away from fapping, you have to stay away from grabbing boobs and thinking about lustful desires. If you want to have sex it’s a different thing, but if you are struggling with PMO then going to bar and rubbing your dick against a girls ass is just wrong. We are not SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. You should stop doing it. Maybe somehow you didn’t relapse,but during sleep it will arouse you all the same. It will just be a day or two,and after that you will relapse, and your streak will be all in vain bro. Stop doing it.

Good luck :smiley:


Thanks to all advises, im just triying avoiding that activitis and works

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I think the most obvious answer is to stop going to clubs altogether.

Clubs are loud and expensive, and the chance of a false rape allegations is rampant in that scene, especially nowadays.

On a more down-to-earth level, it all comes down to a choice for all of us; what do you value the most? Your sexual integrity, or the fleeting pleasure that’s led to the post you left here?

We all screw up, and we all get tempted (I got tempted this morning, just so it doesn’t seem like I’m on a high horse), but the clubs have to go.

Think of it this way, if a girl accuses you of harassment or rape, it’s game over! Second, even if that doesn’t happen, that will lead to a hollow existence.

I get how you feel; during my porn days, Latinas were my biggest weakness. But I was miserable, and I decided to throw it all away and join this forum. It doesn’t satisfy you, be it clubs or porn or sex on the fly. It leaves you empty, as if you drank a liter of salt water.

Too bad it take our bodies weeks or even months to figure that out.

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Good advice it motivated me also. Thank you

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Very well said… :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand: