I am looking for a companion

Sharing code - 4aae039

Current streak - 2
Highest streak - 2

I want a companion with whom I could share my feelings please help me maybe I could help you too…:blush::blush::blush:

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Hi, I am new to forum please add me.
Code - 310b89
Current streak - 0.5 day

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I will add you as a companion. I’m 6 days in, feel free to reach out to me if you want.

Day 3 of my journey
18 days of highest streak

Got your back! Feel free to add me bro

Also added you @Ghandi45 and @anon15901281 let’s do this brothers!

Sure bro!! I’m adding you as my companion

You can add me here… 8872c6b…

Yeah bro I’d like to help u 207c27a

Add me , 488n2z
Day 15
Highest streak 15.
I’m on extreme mode of nofap, deleted every social media app, in order to stay out of urges for a period.
Currently planning for a 30 day streak, then 90 , and then inshallah, planning for a 365 days. I’m way to serious .

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Username - rusty922
Sharing Code - 23e8c4
Current Streak - 9 days

Please add me

Add me
Highest streak 18 days
Current 2 days
Sharing code eeb796b

Hi, I’m a newbie here. I would love to join as well…
Username: Primer87
Sharing code: 5ed4b52
Current streak: I just relapsed a few hours ago and would love to restart this journey. Feels easy now but I know the battle ahead.

Sharing code- 837aed1

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Sharing code ce693fb
Also a newbie here

Add me please brother

Helo im new .i also want to shut this habbit.plz add me ass your companion.my sharing code is4aa58bb.and it is my ist day

bc6f782. Add me too as your companion

I have added you…
Day 34
Highest streak - 40
Add me- aea2a3f
Anyone feel free to add me… I will do the same
Peace :v:

Hi, Add me 1f4146 :slight_smile: and we can go together :slight_smile:

I’ve added you. Here’s mine 5ed4b52