I am feeling weak and headache...what should i do now?

Day 8

I am feeling weak since yesterday evening…
And huge headache…
It’s demotivating me…
What should i do?
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You are currently in a flatline. Don’t worry just stay in there it will be alright in 2-3days.

Think like the chef of Ratatouille said to the rat the world is bigger find yourself
Just move on don’t stay .
Hope to you the stability

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The same thing happened to me on 21st day or something… in my latest streak.
But had never happened in streaks before.
I just put some hair oil and did massage by myself in the late evening.
When I woke up next morning it was gone completely.

I also haven’t experienced headaches in my streak, but it could be normal since your body is responding to the hormonal imbalance in your body just stay calm as this could be your withdrawal symptom. That your body wants to fap. Drink a painkiller and just take a nap.
It will pass by itself as I mentioned your body is just responding to nofap and is in withdrawal.

There is lots of things that could cause headaches, but I am certain that your case is withdrawal that is if you ain’t got the flu or other ailment. If it still persist for 2 more days consult your doctor.

Good luck bro, stay strong!

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Thanks brother for replying…
I had a nap this afternoon…
My headache and weakness all gone…
Again I am very active now…


Hahahah …I’m a girl by the way :sweat_smile::raised_hand:
keep going and never give up don’t put your hand … just breath deeply


When it gets hard that’s when the real fight begins so fight !!!


A good way to counter moments of weakness in the future is having a couple of steps defined prior to the moment of weakness. If you are feeling good now, think of 5 steps you could do in your next moment of weakness. Here are mine:

  1. Wrong-Thought-Right & Affirmations: “PMO provides no genuine pleasure. I’m not making a sacrifice. There’s nothing to give up and no reason to feel deprived. I didn’t enjoy being a user. That’s why I stopped. I enjoy being a non-user. There’s no such thing as just one peek. I am no slave to instant gratification.”
  2. Slap back to reality
  3. Mindful Breathing
  4. Mindful Push-Ups
  5. Call someone

Ideally they are done within a short time period and you can go through them until the urge is gone. If you are “only” flat-lining, then make sure your water intake and diet is moving towards healthy (= more greens, more water). As a good guideline:

Take care.


No problem bro! Glad you are feeling better again! @Bashi nice advice thanks!


Thanks brother @Bashi