I am feeling more powerful

I am 28 and I am on nofap. It has been 4 days since my last relapse


Just 4 days and you’re feeling more powerful, sometimes you’ll feel great sometimes you feel down, this addiction and it effects on the brain takes more than 6 months to wash off, some more than 2 years to fully recover, and it’s a lifestyle


It’s a good start. Don’t let it wear off and be prepared for your brain to come up with a lot of reasons to relapse.

It will trick you, deceive you, play tricks on you, everything to get to that sweet, cheap dopamine. Be prepared for things to get worse, for flatlining, lack of motivation, sleepless nights.

But above all, be prepared the most during the peaks, the good moments - your brain likes using those moments to suggest to you PMO as a form of gratification. With how good you’re feeling and how good you’re doing, you deserve a treat, right…?

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I feel the same. My current streak is 5 but I am experiencing results

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