I am failing again and again

My highest streak on this app was 5 days, and recently it was my 4th day when I gave in. My all time highest from the day I started fapping is 6 days. I fail everytime, dunno what to do. My mind tricks me so good that I fall dor it everytime. I think that I will just watch but will not fap and then end up doing it. I just happens in a series, first I fantasize things in my mind, then touch myself, then watch dirty things, then boom!

I don’t fap by hand, I do it by lying on my bed, so I’m prone to fapping only when I’m on my bed. I sleep in the afternoon too and then in the night. So these are the only two times I fap.

Please the elite members who are some bit experienced with tackling these things, please guide me. What can I do to improve my streak. I can’t work out because my body doesn’t have enough blood to burn, I’m already very weak and on medicines. Please tell me other things I can do except work out.:pray:

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First of all, leave your bed and do all your work on chair and table. I also had the same problem, I also do it by proning on bed and rubbing penis against the bed. To cure this whenever i had urges. I sit on my chair and start doing maths, chemistry or physics. I just stay busy and then at night i do some exercises till i become sweaty and tired and after that i sleep normally. Do some Breathing exercise Before sleeping and while sleeping revise your day, check what goals you have achieved today, if not then promise that you will achieve tomorrow. Then sleep peacefully with the name of GOD. :om::heart:


Okay, I’ll definitely implement your suggestion.
Thanks bud

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Vicky bro… You should follow daily routinee…
1]Wake up at 4 am
2]2 litre water
3]1 hr pray
4] motivation
5] visulaization
6] affirmation
7]Cold shower before 7
8]1 hr exercise
:9]Full body stretching
10]srimad Bhagavad geeta[ DONT MISS A SINGLE DAY]
13] eat in proper time.


That’s a daily plan… It’s helpful that you don’t need to worry about what you will do next day because you know that if you forgot something from your plan, you can just look at the plan, and you will be remembeting the activity…


Always remind yourself of this IMG_20201125_132420_689

Your mind is not you and anything your mind does doesn’t concern you when it’s thinking of such thoughts. Remind yourself everyday. Go hard


I didn’t quite understand the context of it? Can you please make it a bit brief

Alright bro! I understand you very well. I’m still a noob at this but I’ll help you how I can. My current streak is my second highest streak. The first being 52 days. But once I relapsed, I couldn’t get over the two week mark for a very long time. I kept relapsing at the one week or two week mark. But then I tried something I did the first time and it works. So give it a try. It’s as simple as this. Don’t be alone! What I mean is try to be around ppl as much as possible. Mostly your family members. And also don’t think about nofap so much. Honestly, I don’t meditate or do the affirmation and visualisation and stuff like that. It keeps reminding me of what I’m trying to do. I just don’t think about it at all. Everytime you get aroused, walk out of the room and try to be with ppl. Don’t walk out with a boner though lol.

But in essence, don’t overthink nofap. It should be like a lifestyle, like breathing or drinking water. Don’t think about it much and try to spend more time with ppl. Also a very important thing, make sure you spend time doing things productive. Like I workout everyday and I try to exhaust myself when I do so. I give it my all. But that’s about it. Don’t cram your day with things you are told to do. Do one or two things you enjoy a lot and do it with maximum effort.


I get your point, thanks for the tip. Will definitely implement it.

I know how you feeling now, the same thing happening with me…

Read this » No Fap Challenge for new members only

Once I’ve beat the 2 years off mark… but nowadays I barely can hit the 3 days stonemark… don’t know what to do, the feeling of giving up is taking me

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Man, lot of mistakes I see that you’ve mentioned in the first para. I don’t think you need an elite advise. The basic thing you need to understand is what causing you to relapse, analyze them, which you’ve already stated here and Eliminate them. Be aggressive in eliminating.

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I’m on it, thanks…