I am broke and whats the cause

Hi guys, i am from Canada and I am an average male who works very very hard. I am doing two jobs right not basically they are the minimum wage jobs, one at a restaurant and other in retail store and am working 6 days a week and am still broke? Despite all of this i dont have anything to eat in my house and the thing to note is i dont smoke, i dont drink or anydrugs or games. I go to gym 6 days a week try to save money and eat from my restaurant where i work at because its very cheap there for employees and what makes me sad is that 16-17 year old kids is making more or atleast similar as me because you gotta get the minimum wage anyways. Isn’t it so fucked up that despite studying you still gonna get the minumum wage or slightly above then that. Its so fucked up duh i need to change myself, lets begin with the nofap lets see if i get luckier or not. I dont wanna spend my life like working 6 days 2 jobs and still am broke, cant afford a car, cant rent a good room or an appartment, too hard to pay my phone bills due from last 6 months. Journey starts from now, i may gonna relapse or fall back but i will come back stronger and will see if nofap did made me rich,luckier or what it added on my life.


I get you bro. Life’s been really hard. Ive been working for the past 6 months just to pay up my debts. Can’t afford anything also. It really sucks to see that besides working hard you can’t get anything for yourself.

Despite that, PMO is not going to help or improve the situation. Work on yourself, try to find ways to change to a better job in the future. Life is hard, and PMO makes it even harder. Let’s get rid of this bad habit/addiction and make a better future for ourselves :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Hi, Huge respect
Stay consistent, keep looking for ways to get better.
No fap won’t make you luckier , or rich. But it teaches us not to kneel down, to keep your head up and never giving up to the bad circumstances.

Where I live, it’s common that guys stay with their parents, until they have a good income. Stable salary.
The thing is , it’s your family, even if you’re 15, 20,30,80. And family help each other out. We sure have lots of fights, but at the end each member want the best for the rest of the family. So that’s an option. I do work, without the help of the family I can barely cover my ass.

Another option, less effective. You can rent out with a friend, that way it will be splitted on you two not just you.

A good habit to pick up, is reading books, books open up your vision. New way to perceive things.

Keep looking for better job opportunity, or like jobs that pays for the value you give not just the time you put.

Huge respect, good luck brother


Thanks for both of you for such a kind words but i did had some very long streak above 100 days and i know for sure nofap make one luckier, it gave me people’s respect, money, new opportunities, better healty and everything. Its for sure that it makes you 10x more luckier then someone who is fapping, you can trust people on semen retention, they have a energy around them. They dont have to chase money, money attracts itself. If you guys still telling someone to do a better job, you still stucked in the matrix and slavery. From my own 150 days plus experience on nofap after day 100 its get very hard to do a job, you guys cannot understand now because your awareness isnt that much, no matter how much money a job pay it still a job, you are being servant. Nofap raise your self respect you will kick the job for your self respect even you aint earning nothing, am not asking for empathy or sympathy, i am just writing my own experience and story, if you find it interesting read it if not move to someoone’s else journal, thanks


Massive Respect for this comment

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