I am back to this forum guys

Things had been a little shitty. I am sorry for leaving this wonderful platform. Now I am back and I am determined to kill the “weak” me!


Welcome welcome …:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
So the question that we have to ask ??
What are you feeling now ??


Thanks brother! Well the exact answer to the question is not yet known to me… But I can tell you that I am feeling guilt because of leaving my dedication of not fapping… But now I am feeling very motivated to complete this reboot and transform into a stronger self. I always thought… does nofap really work? This time I have made a decision that whether it will work for me or not… I would have overcome something which I could never in the past. This is what is giving me motivation rn.


Ooooh well well well … :sweat_smile::clap::clap:
That’s it man :smiley:… what ever happen it works and you will be one of those who achieved the everett :wink::muscle:

Don’t forget why did you began this and enjoy this journey with all will happened and appreciated because you are here for a real reason :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Thanks a lot for your support bro


I’m a girl :smiley: it’s ok no problem …

Not at all :blush:


Ohh i am sorry i didn’t know :sweat_smile:

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Yes. I also did the same and we came back to this platform yesterday.

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That’s a step forward , enough wasting time :sweat_smile:

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