I am back after 25 days of absence and here is what I have to say

After taking a brief leave of absence from the forum, almost after 1 month, I am back. The reason why I took this leave was because I wanted more time to focus on my job front as I recently graduated from college. Up until 5th of July, I was 75 days clean from PMO, but on midnight, I relapsed. This relapse came due to the ever building stress that was looming over my head because of uncertainty in job opportunity. I knew that I cannot fight a battle on two fronts and I had to, unfortunately, give into my urges to redirect my focus on immediate problems in life. But that being said, it doesn’t mean that my streak was no good. No, that would be wrong to say as my 75 days streak yielded me lot of positive things that helped me with my final exam studies and then graduation under such uncertain circumstances. For that, I am ever grateful to my streak and owe it to NoPMO and this wonderful community.

Coming back to what I did in past 25 days, well, to be completely honest, I did PMO. I am not proud of it, but I will not hide the truth from this group as you guys deserve to know. Yes, I failed miserably in the field of NoFAP. All the posts I shared, all the things I said regarding PMO etc. Didn’t matter to me in these past 25 days as I was not at all focussing on NoPMO. But that shifted focus did help me in getting my job offer, so I am not to worried about last month now. On top of that, I learned how to drive car and got my driving license, so that’s an added bonus. But now you guys must wonder, “Am I saying that NoPMO can’t be done while doing the normal things in life?” Well, the answer to that, in my opinion, is no, you can do all the things while doing NoPMO. The reason why I failed to do so was, I was commiting a grave mistake most of the Nofappers commit. I was solely relying on my “no. Of days” streak to have an effect on me. It does have an effect, but that’s limited. what I have learned is, NoPMO cannot be done without doing other activities like exercise, meditation, proper sleep, proper eating habits etc. I was doing none of those when I was doing NoFAP and that is the reason why I couldn’t develop the resistance needed to counter urges on higher days. Currently, I am on day 2 of NoFAP and I have secured the job front so I am ready to fight this evil again and with the support of this community, I hope good things are coming.

In the end, all I want to say is, NoPMO is just a tool, and it is just one type of tool. If we want our “machine” to work properly, we need all the “tools” like exercise, meditation etc. for smooth operations. Without these, we are bound to relapse.

It’s good to be back. Nofapforever :fist:


Welcome Back … i agree with you.
I am getting good results from the good habits.

I invite you to join the legion… i mean the group… Resurrection :fire: based on the principle of positive thoughts & actions.


Thanks for the offer brother, but I have to politely decline as first I am focusing on building good habits and I don’t wanna feel any kind of “pressure”. I will join groups after 1 month. But I will definitely stay active here. Nofapforever


Future is nowhere. We got only today.

Without pressure…there is no Resurrection :fire:

You have made a good decision.

You can decline rudly also.

Hey bro! Good to see you back again :smile:

Please make this very clear to your mind that no matter how hard life gets, going back to day 0 should never be an option again!

Earlier also you relapsed from over 2 months streak because of stress of your college placements, and then you got stuck in that loop for many days.
Life is full of challenges. If next time any such situation will happen, your mind will easily convince you to relapse again because it would have become a habit by then.

And I would like to suggest you to read this book-

This book helped me to build a consistent routine of exercise, meditation, mindful eating, waking up early and many more such good habits…


Welcome back brother… quite similar things happened with me too… I also cannot control myself in the time of stress… whatever but I know I will stop it and learn everything…

So no matter what it takes…we have to stop it… becoz we are destined to live a life of our dreams… and for that we have to hustle.

All the best brother.

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