I achieved my dreams

Is there any guy who had reaped the benefits of nofap. I mean like many people say that they failed because of PMO or they can’t reach their goals, and so on. Is there any guy who has finally achieved his goals eg. Wanted to become a teacher and has now become. Or wanted to become an entrepreneur and has become one. Or am I just creating another dimension of nofap just to realise that there is no one like that. Please share your experiences I’m loosing it like I’m fighting a lost cause. Does benefits do really exist?


i guess, most of the people who are over this aren’t in this forum anymore.
but the benefits definitely are real. you will have more willpower, more motivation and a hell lot of time which you can use for good things.
but nofap is no magic wand. YOU need to work hard to become a teacher or whatever you wanna be. but if you use the focus and power you learned to use during this journey for becoming what you wanna be, you will be succesful there too


Yes, i have some success due to nofap
Before nofap i used to live my life lying on bed because i was mentaly & physicaly ill.
:studio_microphone:Nofap gave me powers
:black_small_square:to do running in morning and evening.
:black_small_square:It made me capable enough to drive a vehicle.
:black_small_square: It gave me power to quit sleeping pills.
:black_small_square: It helps in my studies.
:black_small_square:New friends were made more social.
But Alas everytime i relapse i relapse 2 or 3 times that again bring me to level zero from where i had started.


Nofap makes you more efficient !

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