Hypersexuality and our involvement in it

Hoping you’re having a good day! I decided to open this post because a lot of recent events (like the elimination of amateur videos on pornhub). If you’re not aware of what hypersexuality is it basically is how sexual related things are present on everything we do, be it normal social interactions, social media, videogames, language, reading, political discussion, etc., Basically how sexuality is becoming our culture instead of just a tiny part of it. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we’re really in a hypersexual society or it’s just an exaggeration? What we can all agree on is that hypersexuality can impact us in a lot of ways, we’re proof of how dangerous it can be.


Hypersexuality is definitely a thing. Almost everything we do it say is sexualised. But it’s not something that’s imposed on us and is unavoidable. In fact it is avoidable. If social media is oversexualised, quit social media. Same for gaming. The one thing we can’t avoid is the way we speak with people. I’m gonna use myself as an example. I use the phrase" that’s what she said" on a daily basis and a lot. It’s really funny when done right but it is sexualising words that were not meant to be. And it definitely affects how we perseve the words and the actions and basically everything we do


You’re right, sexuality is definitely a part of us, but nowadays it’s involvement reaches almost every other aspect of our lives. And even things seemly harmless as the one you mention can be considered hypersexuality, I didn’t thought about that

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