Hunting Eagle's Diary [M 38]

batman (1)

Feeling Good to see you disciplined.
I’m trying too but my mind is still confused…as it always is


Setup a solid program and stick to it.
The confusion will leave you.

Keep pushing Batman!


Day 59/90

Water drinking went better but still did not make it 2 full liters.
I did not take it very seriously.

But today I will drink 2 liters of water I got the bottle right here with me, sipping from it now.
This is why journaling is important and such a great help.

Besides this everything else went well nofap is going smootly.
No urges.
Just the memory of the weak urges was there in the morning, whom I ignored in 1 second.

Jai Sri Ram!

Thank you, oh lord.

Confidence and especially discipline have really grown.

Like a trained dog, Discipline is my best friend.
Resolve I feed it daily.

Nothing more to say.

Full speed ahead.


Day 60/90

Looking how far I’ve come I am very happy.

No urges, no interest in ■■■■ that can of sewage.

And water drinking went succesful i just gotta repeat that this whole week.

Alright time to go to work.


day 61/90

I have 2 day offs coming from tommorow.

Gonna use them to the fullest.
for action for being dynamic and to have some rest too.
Nothing else to say,
Counting up, moving resolved towards the light.


Day 62/90

Not much to talk.

No/verry low, rice paper-thin urges that i negated in 1 second.
Urge still persists even in its weakened stage got to give it the props.

But my resolve and discipline have outgrown that fake sewage can.
bigger and most important better than before.

I just feeling relaxed and confident in myself.

Thank you lord God

Jai Sri Ram.

Never giveup, Do it for yourself, for God, and for those who cannot.

Full speed ahead


Day 63/90

Another day, no urges.

I feel happy and fresh was in the garden looking at my plants they look nice after the rain, and the smell of the earth after raining is wonderful.

I am spending less time Infront of my laptop Aswell as on
the rewire site i am reading books and cooking nice food and spending it outside.
saw a great channa masala recipe once and I will try it.

These devices are just recent, humans did not have them for thousands of years!
We were still spending our time well and there was way less depression and fear in the world.

Similarly, the supreme lord Ramchandra did not have laptop or smartphone with internet in the forest.
The lord was active an invincible warrior on earth, protector and set proper example.
Jai Siya Ram.

Step outside!

In the sun in the garden, go to the sea or forest or even in the front of your house!
visit family members.
and if no humans around look at animals, do good to them spend time with them also counts.

Those that feel alone get a pet or even a plant and take care of it.
Also spend time in woods in open air behold the beautify of the world made by God.
There is alot more than a screen.

Stop being glued to that phone or pc.
Remember there is a real world out there.


Happy upcoming Diwali (Dhanteras) Gents and Ladies

Everybody Stay Hard! Stay strong!


Day 64/90

Charging ahead.

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Day 65/90

Went for haircut today.
Keeping it sharp. body and mind.

Waiting for Lord Ram’s victory return on Diwali.


Day 66/90

Happy Diwali to all!

Diwali is not about eating, buying extravagant stuff and bursting firecrackers,
It has deep spiritual meaning.

The Supreme lord Sri Ram returned triumphant to Ayodhya after rescuing Sita Mata and crushing the nuisance of the world Ravana.
The lord mercifully saved the whole world in Treta yuga from that arrogant tyrant and his demonic group.
Then Rama Rajya began period of peace, prosperity.

By his grace everything is possible.
May we also be victorious in our endeavors by remembering the supreme lord.

Jai Siya Ram, Jai Sri Ram, Jai Bajrang Bali!

Although in many people nowadays the meaning is lost,
I am glad the true meaning of Diwali is not lost to all especially not in Ayodhya!

Deepotsav: Over 22 lakh diyas light up Ayodhya as part of Diwali celebrations | Latest News India - Hindustan Times

Its so nice, this world is so nice
God bless the people.

All the best to all!,
If you do, please do not burst too many crackers for air cleanliness’ sake.

And definitely do not burst yourselves :smile: :boom:


True. We should not forget the true meaning of Diwali. Let’s try to imbibe in ourselves the qualities of Lord Ram. Jai Shree Ram :diya_lamp::heart::pray:


Da 67/90
A new week has begun.

Be Formidable.



Day 68/90

It’s time for action, time to be dynamic.

The feeling of freshness in the mind.
Has allowed me to think and see clearly beyond what the screen wants me to see.


■■■■ and many TV serials run on lust and Jealousy all kind of fake illusions.
They trying to constantly spike people’s lust n keeping the mind clouded.
Or show them so called aesthetic people flashing wealth cars n fake drug or chirurgical augmented physiques.

They trying to motivate literally goad people to either spend unnecessary clothing and other extravagant gimmicks to look or “count” with fashion.

Why not show the reality of how many people are hungry or lack clothing or even shelter more often? and set the example of helping others in those movies?
So people become detached from fake world of maya and start becoming selfless and help others.

Why push the selfish mentality or a fake fantasy world of hedonism?

Break free!
Live in the reality and help others too, even a little.


Day 69/90

The famous 69 many make childish/funny comments others fear mentioning it.
But it’s just a number, it’s what you make out of it.

For me it’s a dynamic spinning force.
Propelling me upwards.

It’s time for action time to be dynamic.
After all these days, I have no urges to watch ■■■■,.

Jai Sri Ram
Thank you God.

It was like piece of thin rice paper the urge to watch ■■■■ a few weeks ago but now only just slight memory of that can of sewage water.

The confidence and drive to fight I got from these days of no pmo I’m not giving it up.

Mind fresh not clouded I am seeing clearly.
The freshness of mind, the sharpness of mind is priceless.

No PMO is like a sword.

Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight:


Talk time is over.
Time to go to work.


Day 70/90

Day 69 propels me forward to 70.
It’s natural to count upwards,
The sun does not count backwards, why should we?

You want change?
Then Stop Yielding!
Stand Strong and keep pushing forward.

Lets go! we are all going to make it!


Day 71/90

Rising like the scorching Sun.

The can of sewage with 4 seconds of fake pleasure means nothing anymore.


Day 72/90

I haven’t gone to Facebook in a while, today I took a quick look again some so-called triggering shit was posted here and there by but did nothing to me.

Its categorized as “Social media”. Social huh?
I would call it non or fake social media.

Typing or posting pictures of yourself isn’t social.
For thousands of years social means gathering and talking together with people personally face to face or minimum via phone I would say.

Now people live glued to a phone or screen and others post pictures of their so-called good moments to get others to watch and “like” sometimes heavily photo shopped too.
Why does everybody need to know where I have been on vacation or what i am doing? well unless you are selling some product or service that is something else.

But posting where you have been, and pictures of your vacation should be personal /private. not world news.

Nor should people be hours and hours on such apps simply looking at what others do? what nonsense is that? don’t you have a life? well live it in action.

After so many days ■■■■ means nothing anymore for me, I have no urge to watch that can of sewage.

18 more days to official freedom.


Day 73/90

I realized Facebook is actually a newspaper.

and people’s private lives’ have become the news.
Isn’t it disgraceful?
Your private life is public news?

Scantily dressed without shame, making up videos of so-called great moments and posting them to get “likes”.

Just an example so called fitness or movie stars:

Why do others need to know you can bench x amount of weight? and of course you forget to tell them how many drugs you took in background to bulk up so fast?

You pay a group of random women to pose in videoclips with you or pics and post it, so “modern men” think it’s just big arms what they need to be successful?

Talk bs of its just genetics and hardwork and the weak of mind get depressed for they lack genetics so they can’t make it?

Your Spirit is more important than your body.
We are more than the body.
We are powerful the body is just a tool.

Jai Sri Ram.
It’s thanks to God and nofap that I can see it.

I fear nothing, I can see the truth now.

This modern internet world is full of fake staged bs just like what ■■■■ is.

let us no longer fall under the illusion of the internet world.
even the word so called “online” is fake.

Be in the real world and less on the internet.

Quit ■■■■ forever.


day 75/90

There is no comparison between the sun and the moon.
a sword and a gladius or the arrow shooting bow.
all do their functions and a skilled warrior perform s equally good in both area’s.
it’s not the place but the warrior.

A drill instructor bringing cadets to level can perform as good as any officer on the battlefield.

Be powerful, be confident in yourself, depend on God.
Regardless of what others say or not, do your duty at 100% wherever you are.

Jai Sri Krishna.