How's everybody doing?

I hope you are doing well. How is it going for you? Do you feel, notice any progress? Was it hard today? Are you in flat line mindset? Or are you striving like never before?
Thanks for sharing, friends. We are all in this together.

Goat’s out


Yes, Changes are happening. All going well.
Day 23rd.

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Feeling bad… Just had 4th relapse in 2 days ( 3 yesterday and 1 now).
I came of 35 days and then 11 day streak…
Having difficulty cutting my losses and getting motivated again; lots of work to do…
Thanks for this tread, I needed to share!

It sucks and it feels terrible. I am not gonna tell you to get better because you already know that yourself. But I tell you this: give it a another shot. But if you have to relapse do it many times today so you will get so sick of it. So you will despite yourself and the need for improvement will arise again.
And set tomorrow as the 1 day goal and repeat. Just one day that’s what’s count. Not week, not month, not 3 months. Just 1 day at a time.
It’s not over friend.