How you feel about sex and relationship

Hey guys

Does anyone of you have the same problem or know were it is coming from or how I could change that.

Me and my girlfriend were best friends for about 3years before we started dating or getting serious. So, we really don’t have a relationship just because of sex but because we really love each other.
And i really do feel like that in the everyday life. but as soon as we lay in the bed (even if it is just because we are tired and wanna go to sleep) my behavior or at least how I feel completely changes. I feel like I MUST have sex now even if i don’t want to. It’s kind of similar to the urges to watch porn. I feel absolutely bad and depressed afterwards similar to the feeling after masturbating

Anyone with the same problem? Thanks for your help


Yes i have same problem. Once you start doing sex with the same person daily it becomes a habit. Habit like sex is not healthy. U must take a break now. Have sex once in a week. Best would be after 2 weeks. Hope it helps.


Thanks a lot.

I guess now is a good time to start. one week break due to her days and afterwards my studies continue and I will only be at home on saturdays.

hmmm now that I think about it, probably it’s also my mindset. during my nofap I always thought that I just have to get through the week without masturbation because on the weekend I get relieve through sex. So my hole week was based on the thought that I will get sex.

during the next weeks I will try not to think of sex at the weekends as compensation for porn.
Thanks a lot Resurgent!!

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Your welcome have a responsible life.

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