How would you rate my addiction level?4

Friends this is my stats for 2018. I have been trying Nofap for a long time though. I think it’s been 3 years now. 35 is my highest streak in this 3 years struggle. So here’s my stats:
Jan- 7 times watched porn and fapped
Feb- 7 times
March- 6 times
April- 4 times
May- 5 times
June(till 15th)- 1 time.
I don’t know if i am severely addicted or just a “normal” addicted person. Today i am on day 5 and looiking forward for a complete reboot and healing. But it always helps to know about thyself.
I have read that the severely addicted guys, it takes about 6 to 12 months for complete restoration and healing. While 90 days/3 months is the accepted standard for most guys. How long do you think would it take for my complete reboot and healing? Thanks

I think that you are normaly addicted like everyone who watches porn, because it is not a hard drug.
Complete Healing and reboot should take you just a couple of days, a Week maybe.
You don’t need be healed, you are not sick. you are just use to watch P or M because you are either not living your life fully or avoiding feeling things. your addiction is an escape to your life situation.
Make your life better and enjoy your life now, the rest will follow.

If you are feeling bad, uncomfortable, social anxiety or anything unpleasant, it’s not withdrawal symptom, it’s just life and Learning to experience and feel emotions that you have been running away from for probably a long time.

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if you ask me, your not healed after 90 days at all. i would say that it gets better and better. but i would say that even after 1 or 2 years you can still relapse.
i would say 2-5 years also it depends on your age (it’s faster if you are younger)

How can you make such comment.
Have you personaly been upto 2-5 yrs porn free. Or you have watched some guy youtube video claiming that. If yes, then post that video here.

The answer lies in your personal experience. How were you feeling during your 35 days streak ?

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I hope so. Thanks a lot.

I think i was a lot active those 35 days. Went with my friends on a long adventurous( dangerous) trip in the himalayas and so on…

@anon66785751 i really do think 30 days would give me a good internal reboot now. After all 2018 has been a pretty good nofap year. It was certainly not as bad… though i still regret the relapses to the core.
I think besides the Nofap, i should really look for improving the other aspects of my life as @lumpri suggested.

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You will recover in less time just keep on going with the mindset of quiting it for lifetime.

Bro will you tell me how long you are addicted to this habit ? Bhaii tu kitne bhi bada mutthbaz ho agar tune 90 days porn free kar liye toh tuje tremendous changes dekhne Ko milenge teri body or teri life mein …bhai yeh mera personal experience hai …aur tu mujse bad fapper toh hoga hi nahi …mein 9 saal se unt shant mutth mar rha hu …bas ek Baar 6 months 5 years pehle nofap Kia tha …

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oh… tu ek din mein kitne baar hilata tha??
Btw i have been fapping for a long time. 10 years i guess. But it got worse during the last 5 to 6 years.

Bhaii beginning mein 3 years toh everyday 2 to 3 times …Baad mein 1 time evertyday… Yeh samj le ki maa chudi PADI hai jindgi ki …kaab mar jaaye koi pata nahi

pichle baar tumne 6 months streak kaise karke pahucha??

Is baar chor dete hai hamesha kai liye. Luvch nahi rakha ya yaha…

6 months girlfriend set thi …iccha hi nahi Hoti thi mutth marne ki …aab toh chodna hi
padega …nahi toh duniya Apne Ko chodni padegi

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Didn’t explain too much since I wrote from my phone.
It really depends what you call a reboot.
For me a reboot is that state when my brain is almost at the point where it would be if I had never started this addiction in the first place. (almost because I don’t believe that our brain can completely forget and disconnect all the wiring that it has done. That’s at least what I experience from my major depression I had many years ago. I’m healed but the pathways are still there. If it gets difficult in life I still have the thought like “hmm would be nice I wasn’t there” or “I guess the kitchen knife would be sharp enough to cut through my throat” not that I would do it, but the thoughts are still there)

That means a reboot is the state where my brain destroyed as many physical connections to porn as possible. And that just can’t be done within weeks. Maybe it could if you are 1 year old but definitely not at age of 30 or so. That’s why I mean that it depends on the age. The plasticity of the brain reduces to the current state of knowledge with age.
My source for two years is the professional porn recovery coach J.K Emazi from Youtube.
I should have wrote 2-3 years for my opinion. 5 i probably a bit to long

Or take people from this forum. e.g. nicolas.goulet (relapse after 254), novoluar (after 200), Kalin (after over 180) (no offense to you at all. I know that this journey doesn’t end after 90 and that it stays hard but I have to make a point) there are also others which relapsed way after 90 days.
Would you say that they were healed and fully recovered because they went for 90 days of nofap but then they got addicted again because they thought “hmmm lets try porn again, sure that thing called porn sounds fun. Lets see what that is”

For me, a reboot not only means a certain time without relapse. A reboot is a state of the mind. 180 days don’t mean to much if you still fantasize about porn. And it also doesn’t mean much if you achieved it only by avoiding triggers. For a reboot you have to learn with your triggers


It would be a deliverance day if porn were banned. It has become the most risky thing on the planet( for us).


Can we permanently get rid of this addiction??
There are several people who have done it so with alcohol, smoking, junk foods video games or any other such debilitating habits.
Can’t it be done with porn? You know any who have done it?

I’m sure it can be done. I wouldn’t be here if I believed anything else. But I’m pretty sure that it will never be as if it had never happened. (same for every other addiction) it’s just my opinion from the neurological knowledge and experience I have.

I’m sure that there will be a time where I can go 6months without thinking of porn even once but take the situation that you stayed clean for 5 years and your girlfriend leaves you afterwards. I’m pretty sure that your body will then scream: let’s watch a porn!
But then, you will have the strength to say no! I will take a walk which calms me down, clears my mind and by the way can solve my problems.

I thought about that soo many times!
But I believe that it would be one of the worst things that could happen.

Imagine how the people here in this forum feel when deliberately quitting porn. We are frustrated, we get angry and all these things.
Now take a person who doesn’t wanna stop watching porn. I can only guess that the accidents of rapes would go through the roof!

Also, porn is not the source of our problem. It is our drug. but there is a reason why we NEED this drug in the first place. The government should focus on prevention -> helping us figuring out what causes our addiction rather than taking away our drug.
It’s the same with other drugs. I can’t just walk around and take away every cigarette or heroin or what have you. You would be killed pretty fast.