How triggering is too triggering? Question on forum 'etiquette'

Lately I have noticed a lot of comments saying “please don’t post that kind of content it is triggering”. I have also responded to people with comments like this, but I have been thinking:
Isn’t most everything on this app ‘triggering’ to some degree or another? Because almost everything relates in one way or another to the topic of PMO. So, how triggering is too triggering?

If people post just anything, this forum could be a minefield.

But if we have to censor our conversations too much, it limits our ability to communicate fully.

So, my question is, where is the line? Do I need to say trigger warning, or is that just always assumed?
If only one person is bothered by a post, does that mean it should be removed for sake of that one person?

I realize that by nature of the question this is a tough topic to address without giving blatant examples (which would defeat the purpose), but I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on it.


You just don’t get into Graphic details and try to censor as much as possible to your ability.


I agree with above two posts. I’d like to add just try to write how you’d speak if you’d be in a group of people in real life. And since we are all suffering from the same addiction, you don’t need to get into detail to explain something, we already know. Most of the time you can get away with using abstractions. And as always, use common sense.

Also, some triggers are okay because ideally you’d want to be at a point where these things don’t affect you anymore (and it’s possible). Because let’s face it, the world is filled is hyper-sexualized references and objects. You can’t get away.


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