How to stop with playing with myself?

Hey guys,

Maybe you can help me :slight_smile:
I don’t like to have an orgasm, but I really like to be excited and playing a bit with my self. Meanwhile I like to exciting myself with thinking or watching porns.
And sometimes I can’t hold it anymore and have a orgasm (all 2-3 days).

But how I can really stop with playing around? I really like doing this and don’t now how to stop :confused:


Buy A Piano & Play with it.



It is really very easy just think it to be easy.
When the thought regarding first action which you are about to take to touch yourself comes to your mind just get aware and don’t act over it. That moment is very very important once you become aware at that instant say to yourself STOP…If one further moves beyond that point then stoping oneself becomes almost impossible…you will get it.

No touch nofap
All the best.



try this, buddy


Dude are you serious … lol :rofl::joy::joy:

Dude, you wanna make him stop, not slit his snake into a trillion pieces :joy::joy: