"How to stop masturbation" 🚫 ( my new book📗)


This book aims to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography and masturbation, in addition to providing practical solutions to this problem that worries many people and has caused them serious problems, especially in recent years after the emergence of the high-speed Internet, which provided a source for pornographic materials. What begins with masturbation motivated by lust, then enjoying it, then eliciting lust with it, then addiction, then addiction to pornography accompanying it. Intimate relationships may even lose the desire to marry.

Matt Fred, the author of the famous book, wrote true stories of men and women who have given up porn for the sake of chastity. He says: I speak at many conferences, and many of my audience are young men in high school or university, and when I talk about the negative impact of pornography on masturbation, many ask who are these Attendees if not masturbating is unhealthy?!

It causes what psychologists such as Freud and Alfred Kinsey have circulated, so some people perceive the sexual drive as a state of boiling and turbulent force that needs a breather, or else it will drift in harmful and harmful ways.

What did the natural sciences tell us about this?

I have done many studies on this topic, and they always come up with really different results.

Then, specifically in 2012, a very useful scientific paper was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Stewart Brody collected research from many studies and found that while ejaculation is associated with positive health effects, not all types of relapses can be considered equal.

The researchers begin to distinguish between the practice of masturbation and vaginal intercourse, there were more consistent results between the different studies, and the researchers found that the frequent practice of masturbation does not have the same type of positive health effects that intercourse.

In many cases, there are no health benefits related to masturbation, and instead, it has negative effects

For example, men who masturbate more are more likely to have prostate abnormalities, are less able to recover from ED, and are prone to depression.

In short, we can say:
1_ There are no documented health problems associated with not masturbating.
2_ Masturbation does not have the same type of health benefits as intercourse.
3_ Masturbation, in certain respects, can be unhealthy.

The fact is that the body has created mechanisms related to the accumulation of hormones in our bodily system, for example, semen can be released involuntarily at night.

So let’s be honest, no man masturbates out of fantasizing about the potential health benefits. Most men masturbate because of sexual fantasies.

There is a short letter written by Lewis the scientist at Oxford University, where he offered some advice about masturbation and said: “The sexual appetite of men is designed to lead him to marriage and to share his unity with his wife, and after that, he has children from her, but masturbation and pornography sends the man again to the prison of the soul there with the women of the bride’s illusions."

So what’s the harm in that?

Lewis says, “The problem with masturbation is that it makes a man prefer a dark prison with imaginary women than to be a husband to a woman he loves and who loves him and be the man he should be.”

The women in porn can always be reached by the viewer at any time without any sacrifices or arrangements depending on the erotic and psychological attractions that the average woman cannot compete with.

And among those brides modified with photoshop and plastic surgery, he is always adored, and in the end, it becomes just a means through which he feeds selfishness and self-love more and more, and because the almost main goal of life is to get out of a dark prison, we are all born into it and it is ourselves, and we must avoid masturbation, Yes, it should be avoided, like all things that should be avoided

The danger is that we fall in love with that prison

Your recovery will be by training your mind, not to become isolated in fantasy or pornography, and also train yourself to be the man you should be: the one who has a real sexual relationship through marriage, an intimate relationship, a tender relationship - Even after a while - not just a solo experience.


Introduction looks promising. Is it for free or we have to pay something instead of time and patience to this?

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Simply awesome and can’t wait till you publish

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To the point we have to stop fantasize and move on

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Damn bro you are also 15 , but you are an author :fire::fire:. Where’s the book btw, is it free ?

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Thanks man,
I made huge efforts surching online, reading books, and watching many videos about P, M and willpower.
I hope that I was helpful.

You are Omni g̶o̶k̶u Sabeur bro :sweat_smile::joy::joy:. And that’s great bro, i appreciate your efforts :clap::clap:.

Yeah, so have you published the book? Where’s the link?

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By publishing the book I mean on rewire companion :innocent:
Well don’t get to surprised, I am only 15 years old, I wrote this book by hand and I still haven’t finished it yet.
Once I finish a chapter I publish it on rewire companion forum message board🙌.

I know bro, i saw it in your profile :slightly_smiling_face:, tbh i was shocked :sweat_smile: cause i am also 15 , there are almost 6-7 guys on this forum who are of this age group.

Oh ok no problem.

That’s great bro,it would be helpful and it would be great if you also publish it on the forum in a new thread or this one .All the best brother.

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Thanks brother.

20 times a day, hospital is on the way.

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