How to stop fapping ( no bullshit , 100% works )

So you guys clicked it here and made it so far, congrats this advice wont be a dumb ass guy’s saying focus on your goals broo, have some self esteem, imagine yourself after you jerked off and all that shit. It didnt worked for you, I know and it will never you know why? Because one part of your mind is saying to watch it and you are supressing it by all this bullshit and you will be retarded if you dont stop it, you will get in a serious mental problem bro i am telling ya. I know your question would be now what to do then, whats your advice. The advice is here, you have to take fun and do dancing,music,singing. The dance is the best thing to do, why? Because dancing is the only thing which makes your feelings,body,mind,soul together. Dancing gives you more pleasure then sex. Ask the dancers what they would choose between sex and dance. The dance, because sex only make you erotic near penis/vagina, its limited, it only gives you joy there. Meanwhile, dancing gives you orgasm in the whole body by this i mean dance makes your life energy flow all in the body while sex restrict it to certain body parts. See a dancers body, their whole body is erotic. They know that its just stupid to choose sex over dance. You choose the sex or fapping over your goal is not because you are week, but because its a fact that your goal is far away and in the journey there is pain, happiness in the end but sex is fun and on the spot, during the act its fun. Its a fact and truth. You fail because you understand it logically, understand it completely, by mind by body by soul that dance is more erotic and dont be stupid and take dance class. Dance as you want, through the beat, let the body move itself. Let the energy flows to every part and you will shocked that its true your body is becoming sensitive at a next level. You know why? Because you dont even pay attention to your body, you live most of the time in your mind. The mind havent tasted anything good other then sex. There is very limited connection of you with your mind and body just when you take bath or have pain in some body part. A dancer feels every part of his body and enjoy it same way you feel your penis, you ever noticed you just feel your penis while jerking off not even your hands because your hands move so freakin fast but you know every moment when your penis becomes hard, when you had precum, when you finally ejaculated. And one last thing, dancing will also make you quit chasing girls,why? Because you always chase something which is superior to you. A girl is superior bodily because her sexuality is not limited to just vagina, she will get seduce even you play with ear,lips,neck,legs,face with men its limited to lips and penis but in dancer, the whole body of dancer becomes erotic, it has to be. See Michael jackson,Shakira,Belly dancers and other great artists you will understand it. A dancer becomes superior in body then a female could ever imagine.


Dancing is a great example for other pleasurable activities then PMO but there are more and more fun activities to do as well like playing an instrument, drawing, reading, exercising ( yes I enjoy exercising :joy: ) or even spending time with loved ones.
You only choose masturbation when you are feeling weak, bored, alone or suffering from anxiety or depression. It has been proven by science back in the seventeens with the two rat cages story. In conclusion, find yourself something enjoyable that benefits you and the world to replace masturbation with life. Live your life to the fullest and become stronger!

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