How to sleep faster?

May anyone tell me how to sleep faster and quicker?.. My sleep cycle is disturbed… What should I do?


Cold shower would help… And try not to drink coffee as much as possible


I found that working out gets me tired enough that I can sleep right when my head hits the pillow, or at least 5 minutes from getting into bed.


See this video. Hope it will help.

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Even I had this problem brother … I just couldn’t fall asleep for 3 or 4 hours of hitting the bed … and more often that not my p brain would be like go and fap that always made you fall asleep so it will work now also … I guess 90 percent of my relapses were in the night because of this …

To counter this … I have a strict limit of using phone at night … By 10 30 … I would stop using any electronic devices and read a good book

Like others suggested cutting down on caffiene and working out during the day will also work

And while trying to sleep take longer and deeper breaths … that would allow you to relax easily and fall asleep quicker

Hope it helps

Let’s stay sober :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats where I am lagging. I must correct this.